Medical – Doctors and Pharmacies

As you would expect in any other European country, pharmacists will require a prescription to prescribe certain appropriate medication, so make sure, in case you might need it, or lose your supply, that you carry some form of proof from your doctor of the type of medicine, and the dosage you will require.
Naturally, in any emergency you can visit any of our general hospitals that will provide much similar a service as you would expect anywhere else in Europe.Alternatively pop into one of the private clinics to see accident and emergency department or a general practitioner who will be able to help.
The private clinics will charge for their service and in most cases some of these fees might be redeemable via your travel insurance.
The majority of pharmacies also provide a selection of toiletries, perfumes, sunglasses and typical contents of a first aid kit, often as not providing a helpful friendly service and advice.
You’ll find a pharmacy pretty much on every corner in most towns.They open the same times as the shops, so close half day on Wednesdays and Saturdays and all day on Sundays.
Please don’t worry; by law at least one pharmacy in each district stays open to provide a 24 hour service, much as you might have to wake them up in the, early hours.You should find a poster in any pharmacy window telling you the nearest pharmacist that is open.
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