DJS Professional Light & Sound, Paralimni

DJS Professional Sound & Light, Paralimni, Established 1987

Light & Sound Specialists
I’ve known Andreas for 30 years, he mixed a nice Reggae cassette tape for me in 1987, now he’s operating at a much higher level.  I also had the pleasure to work with this amazing Light and Sound Specialist, and you’ll be appreciating his work without even realising it, in many of the top bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, homes and hotels in Cyprus, in fact his portfolio and client list is enviable to say the least …

Intelligent Lighting
DJS Professional are distributors of computer controlled lighting, also called ‘Intelligent Lighting’, high technology luminaries utilised throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry and one or two Jewellers and the occasional shoe shop !

Audio specialist
Without doubt his speciality is sound, with many top bars and clubs trusting in his knowledge and experience, tbh, I’ve never met anyone who knows audio better than this guy and DJS Professional install and also distributes; the amazing CODA Speakers and Jem Smoke Machines and their peripherals, giving the company the ability to offer a complete entertainment package and I just have to say, their installations are always carried out by qualified technicians to absolute perfection.

Architectural Lighting
Other important areas of application include the ever growing market of indoor and outdoor architectural and promotional lighting using only the highest quality imported equipment.

For the Home
Intelligent lighting also cost less to run, so we’ve seen more and more homes installing LED lighting, lovely spots, gorgeous colour changing discrete lighting, Fibre Optics to add stars to your ceilings, the options are endless and the electricity savings huge, both inside and outside your home.

Top Names
DJS Professional offer both dedicated exterior luminaries and specialised lights for retail settings, operating as official distributors of top brand names including; CODA, ECLER, CLS, Colorbeam, and exclusively for Martin Professional, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of architectural and entertainment lighting !!!

Call Andreas Demetriou, for professional advice and a free consultation, or arrange an appointment and pop into the showroom at 135, Georgeou Gourounia Road, Paralimni, 5312, Cyprus, on the same side and very close to Marks & Spencer and Lidl Supermarket.

Sound & Light Perfection !

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