Buy-Rite UK Discount Store, Paralimni

Buy-Rite UK Discount Store, Paralimni, Established 2018
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Just in case you’re missing some of those UK Comforts like Monster Munch, Angel Delight and Shreddies, don’t panic, you won’t have to fill a suitcase up with them next time you go back to the UK … because Nic and Ian, coming out of London and Essex, have opened this awesome Discount Store just up from the Kapparis Roundabout, stocking all the things you miss.

Market Traders
Now, Nic grew up in the market world, her father a market trader and a bit of a Del Boy, trading in just about any Swag he could buy and sell for a living … Nic of course worked with him on the markets out East Ham and Romford way, part time while she was at school then as it’s in the blood and they have a really good contact for British Greeting Cards, the inevitable just happened … The shop is well laid out, bigger than it looks from the outside, with hundreds of items imported from the UK on display, lets cover just a few of my faves.

Cards & Wraps
One section you’ll love is the Greeting Cards from €1 and wrapping papers by the sheet for €0.40 or rolls for only €2, with an impressive display of cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Events and all at crazy low prices, arguably the lowest in the area.  They always present the next big upcoming events like Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter … Plus things like Advent Calendars, 2019 Diaries and Sticky Tapes, Bows & Ribbons.

Sweets & Nibbles
Boasting names like bags of Rowntrees, Bassetts, Haribo, Walkers Toffees, Butterkist Popcorn, Seabrooks Crisps at only €1.50 a bag, everyone’s Fav Monster Munch, Space Raiders Monsters v’s Aliens and Twiglets at only €1.89, oh and Wagon Wheels for only €1.50 and real Pop Tarts from the USA, coz of course they make them better 😉

Everything from Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Shreddies, plain or Frosted, Crunchy Nut, to Morning Flake Porridge for only €1.09, or Ready Brek for the winter mornings, oh and every kids fav Weetos and Chocolatey Squares … and very unusual Twinning’s Cafine Free Flavoured Teas, British Teas, Coffees, and even Horlicks …

Tins & Saucy Sauces
A huge range of Pataks Indian Sauces and Pastes . Mayflower Curry Sauces . 57 Heinz Choices 😉 plus my fav Frey Bentos Tinned Pies with some Colemans or Branston Pickle . Uncle Bens Rice and Sauces plus Pot Noodles and The Delicious Aunty’s Puddings and with Christmas Puddings on their way soon. Plus a nice selection of Parsons Cockles and Mussels and Delicious Boner Soups and Sauces.

Slimming Times

If you’re on a diet you’ll just love the Mug Shop Snack Stop Pastas for only €0.69 , they’re Ready Meals a UK Favourite to help you shed a few pounds …

Cleaning & Sanitation
Starting with a full range of Astonish Sprays from only €1.39 . Cif, Flash and Oven Brite and Dettol Sprays … Domestos and Parazone Bleaches, Descalers and loads more … You really must check out their range of Charcoal Skin Care, Wipes, Sponges, Creams, Mosquito Repellents and Deodorants.  oh and The amazing Doff Ant Powder.

There’s a cool selection of Pet Foods, Dry and Wet, plus a small selection of treats and pet accessories …

Special Offers
There’s always loads of special offers on display changing every week so pop in and save a few Euros here and there …

Open all year
Summer: Daily; 9 am ’til 7 pm
Winter: Daily; 9 am ’til 5 pm
Wednesday: Closing at 2 pm
Saturday: Closing at 4 pm

You’ll find them at 180 Protaras Avenue, you can’t miss them, its just 100 metres up from the Kapparis Roundabout on the right just past the cycle shop.

Just in case you’re missing a few things from back home UK Stylie !

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