Short Circuit Online, Ayia Napa

Short Circuit Online, Ayia Napa, Established 2004

Wireless Internet Service Provider
Short Circuit is a WISP based in Cyprus providing high quality Internet to over 10,000 Customers in the Famagusta and Larnaca areas … Serving many local business’s, from Hotels and Bars, to Holiday Villas, Apartment complex’s as well as thousands of residential homes within these areas.  Short Circuit’s success is based on installing only the latest technology to provide you with highest speeds and a quality assurance to all their connections.

Pay as you go Wifi
Short Circuit was launched in Ayia Napa in 2004, originally just an awesome Internet Café, allowing people to use Internet, while giving the local community a place to socialise and hangout, with high speed gaming a speciality.  As the years passed, by 2006, Steve and the crew started providing Hotspots to Hotels and shortly after the network grew into providing Internet for more Hotels, adding many local businesses along the way and eventually peoples homes.

Internet Packages
What I like about Short Circuit is they specifically tailor packages for people with investment and holiday homes, with no land line telephone required, so you can connect when you or your guests arrive and stop when you leave, only paying for the time you require, be it one week, two weeks, 1 month or all year, then this is where they excel, because the team then follow up with an excellent after sales service, always responding within 24 hours !

Pay as You Go
Today Short Circuit Online prides itself on being one of Ayia Napa’s Main Providers of ‘Pay as You Go’ Internet, which gives its customers a variety of ‘Pay as You Go’ services.  Basically this means; they allow their customers to choose how much internet time they need, and how much speed they want, totally flexible, with their amazing range of packages, to cater to the exact amount of ‘time’ their customers need.

2018 was a big year for Short Circuit, as they took a giant leap in the market and decided to improve speeds and packages for their customers, giving them more for their money and continuing to do so through into 2019.  So at the start of 2019 they introduced their ‘Online Package’ payment system, which gives the client complete control of a full range of customised options, with their choice of speed, and time that they need for their homes and their holiday apartments and or businesses or just for their holiday!

Security Systems
As the company became fully integrated within the community they began to branch out and diversify into ‘Security’ and of course by installing their equipment in combination with the latest technology available, and naturally by helping and informing the community on safety standards and security systems … Now they are working with many local businesses and top hotels to ensure their security and safety, with a high quality service and after sales support.

After Sales
At Short Circuit they pride themselves in providing an excellent after sales support service, which caters to each individual customer by boasting an amazing team of experienced Support Admins and Qualified Technicians.  Their unbeatable team is admired by many, because they continually strive to help customers with problems on the spot or as immediate as possible, both over the phone and on-site.

Frontline Support
Manager David told me they also provide a 24 Hour Frontline Support, which they say allows them to assess and monitor their clients problems and allows them to be fixed on the same day or by the following day, when possible, but normally within 24 Hours from being informed about the problem!

Special Offers
Short Circuit Online have a variety of special offers, that have primarily been created to benefit their loyal customers and are available seasonally and throughout most of the summer!  Especially this year, as they have some amazing deals happening now, with even more ideas coming soon.  They have also increased their speeds and naturally they want to reward customers who buy internet for longer periods by giving them free extra time, so, saving you money!  Their reward customers who pay every month also benefit from full support throughout the year, no matter what!

Open all year
Monday to Saturday: 9 am ’til 6 pm

Get Connected
They offer free quotations with speedy home visits, connection within 24 hours, so all you have to do is give them a call by clicking the telephone icons below.

With their main offices in the centre of Ayia Napa, at 32, Ayias Mavris Street, aka Bar Street, Ayia Napa, it’s directly opposite the Town Hall … see Map below …

Keeping you connected !

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