20 C
Ayia Napa, CY
Friday, May 24, 2019

Soho’s Soft Opening Party, Ayia Napa

Zilly was waiting for us, already on the Absinth, omg! ... They were playing Piggy Front behind the bar, some kind of new cock tale? ... Geo couldn't resist a little dance on the pole, force of habit lol ... Karina was trying on hats and so was Geo ... Across the road, Pirates was buzzing as always and you could feel Napa was coming alive for 2019 ...

Catt’s Angel Wings, Ayia Napa, Street Art Festival,

I popped down to catch Catt Soulart' Kyriacou on her last day painting Angel Wings at Ayia Napa City Appartments ... I've added a few more cool pieces that I found around town ... btw a huge thanks to Catt and all our artists who have definitely brightened up the city.

Carwash Disco was Opening … so?

... it's Napa's only Retro Disco, it's a bit Cheesy, but I reckon it's the 'best night out in town', coz once you've been all Housed Up, or R'n'B'd 'til you can't twerk any more, then normally we all finish off in Carwash, as you do, and so we danced and sang our hearts out, for a few hours ...

On the Night that Castle Opened, Friday 12.04.19

... and as it'd be rude not to go, I thought I'd grab my first real night out in Napa for ages ... I was meeting up with a new friend Zilly aka Dr. Feelgood, an awesome DJ, just moved here from Germany, you'll be hearing lots of this summer I'm sure ...

A Passing Moment !

... The team are suffering with a few injuries at the mo so if you fancy a passing moment pop down and join the boys and if you like a little rugby, do go and give the guys your support at their next game ...

Ayia Napa Street Art Festival 2019

I'm loving the Mythological theme which will become more and more evident when people describe Ayia Napa to their friends ... I have to say a big 'Well Done' to everyone who organised and is taking part in this year's festival ... this was Day 3 btw

Thostou Ammochostos, Carnival 2019

... Here's my fav shots from today's Ammochostos Carnival procession ... It's getting bigger every year! ... if you recognise anyone please tag and share ...

Sculpture Park, Ayia Napa

Individual artists from all over the world have come together to present this open air display of art also known as, A Symposium.  These artists have made great contributions to their field to present this splendid array of art which depict themes that are mainly influenced by Greek Mythology.

Get the girl some flowers!

Make your lady's day with flowers on Valentines Day ...

How to hold them in?

They had everything, quality wood, in lengths, and working to my measurements they cut it for me, and then a huge selection of brackets, hinges, screws, wheels, and gorgeous Paints and Wood Stains