DJ Alexandros ‘B


Inside Out
I met Alexandros on FB recently and we talked via inbox and I realised pretty quickly that this guy thinks differently, so I invited him for a one to one … I expected his name to hit the Cyprus clubbing scene big in 2014.

Born in Athens, 35 year old Alexandros started DJ’ing when he was 15, he couldn’t help it he says “my passion is music, I love to see people dancing, I want to see them smile and the happiness on their faces” … In the early day’s he explained “I just played in a mini studio I set up at home, playing at a few parties, pubs, coffee shops in the city”. He said, “I haven’t played any big clubs coz I haven’t really tried” … reiterating “I’m not really into it for money, I just want to find the mixes”.

I wasn’t sure what he meant so asked him to explain, he smiled and said “most DJ’s work from a play list and produce the mixes, where I want to find the mixes, so I spend hours searching the net for good quality alternative mixes of certain tracks that I like, and then I blend them together into a set for each month, making sure there isn’t one track the same as the previous month, actually, that makes me anxious” … do you see what I mean about
‘thinking different’? Unfortunately, peer pressure from first his father and then his ex-girlfriend, made him opt for proper job, now things have changed.

Alexandros moved to Larnaca 3 years ago, asked by his employer to transfer over to supervise the service centre for an international, company that provides the cooling machines for Coke, and he’s still here, on annual contracts.

Maintaining his passion, Alexandros ‘B has been playing a mix of his favourite, House, Deep House, Tech House, Nu Disco and Indie Dance to an unsuspecting audience at one of the biggest gyms in Cyprus, D.P Sports Club in Larnaca every Monday night from 6.30 ’til 9.00pm saying “I can play what I want, there’s rpm classes and something called Battle Arena, a huge room where 20 to 30 people workout, carrying car tyres and climbing ropes
and assault courses n stuff … so for this I play progressive, electro and trance, they seem to love it” … he laffed, “I’m not in a DJ box, I’m playing in a free open space at the back of the venue, using my gear”, his Mac, RMX 1000 Pioneer Mixing Station, and the DDJ Sx, assuring me it’s the best controller. “I download only from Beatport so the sound is of the highest quality, ha! they keep asking me if I want a chair?, but I’m lost in my own world, I can’t sit down and play, I have to immerse myself into the music”

He did let it out, that he played at Ammos Beach Bar on Makenzie Beach, Larnaca on one of the last Sunday’s in September 2013, and that they liked him.

Twenty years late, this fresh styled DJ has been unleashed; I’ve listened to his mixes and have to say I think this guy will smash it this season … Ammos, don’t let him go, Nicosia might get there first, Limassol you know where he’ll be, Napa try and nick him for some events! … Alexandros ‘B is about to let loose his obvious talents onto the Cyprus Clubbing scene … oh and he said he’s got loads of original mixes on CD that he wants to sell, so check out his stuff on his facebook page  or his recently launched fb page Danza Factory, worth a visit and for more info on the D.P Sports Club, check this out; …

By Tony Dynamou