The Lost City of Atlantis


Cyprus is … Atlantis
Can you possibly imagine what would happen if one of humankind’s, greatest mysteries, is finally solved right here on our doorstep, that of the ex club capital of Europe, outshone by a single geographical and archaeological discovery? The discovery of the precise location of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis?

I spoke with Robert Sarmast on the phone on his arrival in Nicosia, in February 2004, as author of the book making the astounding claims, that Cyprus is in fact the mountainous region of Atlantis, and hence is, in turn, the Garden of Eden, I could have told him that, just read our introduction to Cyprus. He say’s the chances seem high as this location and various related data, interrelated with a near perfect match of the great philosopher Platos’ meticulous descriptions, in the dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written in about 400 BC, that pretty much depicts the story which will change history.

In my books, this would be the discovery of all time, exceeding stuff like the mysteries of the pyramids. Come to think of it, where else could it have been? This is, as we say, the mythological party playground of the Mediterranean, whilst the realistic possibility of the existence of this legendary island is so strong, we all hope it will soon be recreated in the form of even more accurate 3D maps and models, showing a stretch of submerged land, just one mile below the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean sea?

Sarmast, believes that he will find the city, immaculately preserved, as unlike the Titanic which was two miles down and in cold, tidal waters. Robert says, “This should be easier in comparison, as it is only about 1600 metres down, with no access to sunlight, heat, oxygen or wind to degrade the remains. So we can expect to find immense buildings, stone temples, roads, bridges, and canals”, Wow! Atlantis should be so well preserved, you can almost picture it, as if it had already been put on the computer screens and generated to Lord of the Rings standard!

Naturally, once word gets out, the discovery will mean a massive boost to the tourist industry, for Ayia Napa and for all of Cyprus. Sarmast said, “The site I’ve been investigating for years now, which matches Plato’s account of Atlantis with such astonishing accuracy”. Plato it is said; based his description on an account by Solon, who is said to have got his information directly from the Egyptians.

You can just imagine how many submarine trips there will be off the east coast. Come to think of it, Sadko Sub in Larnaca have obviously got the head start and then there’ll be, all the inevitable memorabilia all over the place, along with copies of the book, Titled, ‘Discovery of Atlantis: The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus’ which is said to be a bright comprehensive, original theory, by Sarmast, providing a portfolio of evidence depicting the precise location of Atlantis, in addition, the fascinating links to the biblical Garden of Eden, mythology, and Western history. Written, by the man himself, Robert Sarmast, this is said to be the first in a series of books, followed by factual documentaries that will be the foundation, or a revolution in our perception of the origins of human civilisation. So, if Plato’s, almost 50 descriptions of Atlantis is to be believed, Sarmast has discovered astounding evidence of the submerged isle, a lost land mass that many believe to be the prehistoric source of cultural and civilisation.

You’ll also be pleased to know that Robert will return to Cyprus to start his high-tech deep sea search in June and I’ll put money on him finding it! I wonder what the odds are? The expedition will cover a concise search of the sea bed stretching from Cape Greco to Latakia, in Syria, around 100 square miles. They’ll set out from Limassol with preliminary sonar surveys, followed by remote operated vehicles (ROV) that go down, with video cameras and arms.” with the capability of descending to 6,000 metres. Sarmast said “Our site is only 1,500 metres down, so we hope we can actually match Cyprus to the shape of Atlantis before the flood, so if we were to find the remnants of even one building that would pretty much prove it.

He told me to look out for their updates as we all head toward the expedition phase of this project. They will welcome any support and hope you will take this exciting journey with them in what may become the greatest archaeological discovery in human history. We’ll all have to get down for the launch to wish him luck!

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Tony Dynamou
25th April 2004

Update: He did find it, a 90 degree man-built wall … so it’s either the city or the biggest coincidence known to man …