Parko Paliatso Luna Park, Ayia Napa

Parko Paliatso Luna Park, Ayia Napa, Established 1999

Biggest in Cyprus
This has to be my favourite kids and grown ups attraction in Cyprus, Parko Paliatso was established in 1999, and the fun fair is still the biggest in Cyprus, boasting more than 45 different attractions, built on a 30,000 square meter plot, with ample parking and eateries snacks, hot dogs, coconuts, flashing lights and neon everywhere !!!

Sling Shot
The biggest and most popular attraction is the Sling Shot, the highest ejection seat ride in Europe, catapulting you up to 80 metres high, quicker than you can click your thumb, hitting 160 km and 6G’s, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other and a must try once !

Big Wheel
In 2010, the park installed a 45 meter height Giant Wheel, you can see the whole of Napa up there and this year the amazing Looping Star Roller-coaster, a loop d’Loop omg, I can’t wait to have a go!

Family Extreme
A few more extreme rides include the Street Fighter, the Wild Mouse will make you scream and the scary Booster spinning you 45 metres in the air, you’d better hold tight coz you’re gonna hit 6.6 Gs whilst being completely disorientated lol

Family Rides
There’s lots of rides for all the family including Carousels, adult Bumper Cars, every kid’s fav the Trampolines, The Crazy Frog, and even a Ghost Train Ooooooooo !

Kiddies Rides
Lots for the little ones like kiddies’ Carousels, Bumper Boats and Bumper Cars, Motorbikes and Tea Cups and smaller Trampolines to mention but a few …

I love this place, the sounds of gears and links chinking, smothered by fair ground music, the smell of candy floss and bbq corn on the cob, the multi coloured lights and occasional girly screams … Check out their Facebook Videos 

Wrist Bands
It’s really cool idea coz you just buy a Wrist Band depending on your ages and what you want to do! For example …

Red Premium
Costs € 38 and covers all 25 rides, you get Sling Shot for only an extra €10 the Booster and 5D Cinema once and loads more, as many times as you wanna !

Silver Standard
Costs € 25 and covers all the rides aside from the Looping Star, Street Fighter, Booster and the 5D Cinema with a few extra tokens, Sling Shot again only for an extra € 10

Blue Kids
Costs € 10 and covers 9 rides as many times as you want to go on !

Trip Advisor
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Open long Summer Season
April ’til November
Daily: 5 pm ‘til 11 pm

You’ll find Parko Paliatso on Nissi Avenue, you can’t miss it just look for Sling Shot, the Big Wheel and at night the Lasers

Buy a band and go as many times as you wanna !

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Open long Summer Season
Daily 5 pm ‘til 11 pm

You'll find Parko Paliatso on Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa, you can't miss it ! 

Tel: 0035723724744