Pig ‘N’ Whistle Pub & Restaurant, Kapparis

Pig N' Whistle Pub, Kapparis, Paralimni,, Established 2007

Free Wifi 
This is a traditional British pub, but not just for Brits, sitting centre stage on Kapparis Avenue, aka Kennedy Avenue. Outside on the terrace it’s all wooden tables and benches, inside it’s big and spacious, with comfortable seating, an awesome menu, loads of blackboards and signs, 9 big TV screens showing all the live sports, often 4 or 5 games at the same time on Saturday, the atmosphere is absolutely awesome !

Your Hosts
I’ve known the eminent Toni Gags, aka Gagsy since he headed up Kool Club, one of the top night clubs in Napa back in the mid nineties. Coming from UK, Gagsy, originally trained as a chef, and has been in the hospitality industry since he was 14.  I love watching this guy in work mode, assuring everything is served to perfection in his own little unique way.  Emma is his right arm woman, and half his left arm too 😉 assuring this place is run to a tee, along with an awesome crew they’re really hard to beat!

Behind the Bar
You’ll find the largest selection of draught beers in the area including, ice cool Guinness, Stella, Peroni, Carlsberg, Keo, Boddingtons, Leon, Somersby Cider, Thatchers, plus a few fridges full of selected more fruity Ciders, Beers, Real Ales including the award winning Speckled Hen and Stouts.  They’re also envied for their selection of local and international Wines served by the glass or bottle.

Cocktails & Coffees
Famous for their frozen Strawberry Daiquiris they also serve delicious Mojitos in 4 flavours.  The exotic Cocktail Menu is really cool, everything from Sex on the Beach to Screaming Orgasms.  My faves are Porn Star Martine, a cool blend of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Mango, Passion Fruit, Freshly squeezed orange and Lime juice, served with a shot of Prosecco or The Rum Punch, be warned it kicks like a mule, oh and I love the unique Mocktails, non alcoholic but for adults only 😉 … they also boast a real coffee maker, blending absolutely delicious ‘Lavazza’ fresh Italian Coffees beans, served hot or cold, perfect with a slice of cake in the afternoon … Mmmm !

Kitchen Gastronomy
Renowned for their varied menu, Gagsy says, it’s traditionally British but with a twist of creative food ideas, with an international crew of chefs from Cyprus, Europe and Thailand,   So, from a Big Boy English Breakfast, they also boast the Mini El Greko Brekkie.  Try the Veggie or Fruity Breakfasts with Yogurt.  The irresistible American style Pancakes and delicious Wraps, but you really must try the JD Burgers, served with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and tantalising JD sauce, or the BBQ Ribs covered in JD Sauce that’ ll leave you licking your fingers as well as your lips!!!

International Cuisine
Keeping it British, the Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas are awesome, so too the Liver and Bacon, slow cooked with onions in thick gravy, but they also serve a selection of Mexican dishes including their famous Fajitas, Chicken or Beef served Mexican style with Jalapenos.  My fav is the Fajita Spicy Burgers, oh, and the Curries, Chinese or Indian !!!

Signature Dishes
Because it’s traditionally British you’ll find Pie & Mash, Bangers & Mash, Toad in the Hole and delicious Winter Stews.  The Blue Swiss Burgers are very popular so too Emma’s favourite, the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Baguette, or Gagsies fav the Asian Noodles, but my absolute fav is the Oven Baked Fish in White Wine Sauce, served with rice and fresh, crispy vegetables! oh and Gagsy is currently perfecting Pie Mash and Liquor, coming soon !!!

Lunchtime Specials
There’s always ‘Specials of the Day’ on the boards, plus a selection of Stuffed Pitta Pockets, and Baguettes.  Maybe Fish & Chips, The Pulled Pork is amazing, the Pigs Stew even better and the creative Wraps, brilliant … and crazy as it sounds the Soups are to die for!  I love the Mini Meze and btw, a Take Away Service is also available with a 10% Discount …

Sunday Roast
Their speciality, a choice of four home cooked meats, with all the trimmings including Yorkies and cauliflower cheese with a hint of Tabasco, all topped of with a tasty thick gravy, and whatever you do you must leave some room for the Toni’s delicious Apple Pie and Custard !

Healthy Options
One of the few eateries I know offering Vegan and Gluten Free choices and even more options for the vegetarians, plus a really cool Children’s Menu, oh and they’re happy to change almost anything on the menu to suit your taste, so don’t be shy and just ask!

With plans to add Platters for Two or more choose meat, fish or Cheese or a mix of all of them … and look out for a new menu in March 2019 …

Live Sports
This season they’ve joined the local Pool League, with a new menu especially, playing every Thursday and there’s 9 big screens all over the place, so this is a great eaterie to watch all the live football, Rugby and F1, Tennis, Boxing, and there’s continuous Sky TV broadcasts throughout the day accompanied by Scampi, chips and mushy peas of course 😉

Regular entertainment is all part of the service with charity gigs, discos, and every Friday at 6 pm it time for the Fun Pub Quiz for teams of up to 6 people with bonus rounds and cash prizes … followed by Horse Racing at 7 pm with loads of races at only €1 a bet, with winner taking the Pot, which is great fun.

Naturally they have parties for everything including Easter, Halloween, Christmas and this New Year’s party will be in the afternoon with a live band.  Their Secret Santa on the 15th December this year, just gets better and better and is a bundle of laughs, wrapped in Christmas Paper.

On his Bike
These days Gagsy, aka by his cycling friends as ‘The Machine’, spends hours on his bike, riding crazy distances at phenomenal speeds and is so good at it that he’ll soon be representing Cyprus in the World Championships.  You’d never have thought it huh, but I want to wish my cuz a huge good luck!

Open All Year
9 am ’til Late
You’ll find them half way down Kapparis Avenue in Kapparis, Paralimni, next to Captain Karas Fish Tavern and opposite Just Italian …

Go say hi to Gagsy and the fantastic crew !

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