Kalograia Taverna, Dherynia

H Ormophi Kalograia Taverna, Dherynia, Established 2018

Great Start

I love finding new eateries, and this one’s very special.  Kalograia Tavern is just off the beaten track, on the Dherynia to Sotira Road, about 500 meters past the Football Stadium, where you’ll find this spacious, purpose built, barn style Tavern, that’s getting an excellent reputation, very quickly, and that’s commendable to say the least.  It was very obvious that this family take massive pride in what they do …

I popped in to meet the family; coming outta South Africa, brothers Andreas and Costa and Mum, surely not, Erasmia, just oozing traditional Cypriot hospitality.  They named the Taverna ‘H Omorphi Kalograia’, or The Beautiful Kalograia, after their fathers beautiful village on the North coast of the Island just passed Kerynia, complimented by a visit from the muktari of the village, aka the mayors underwriter, to check it depicted it’s name, beautifully.  They passed with flying colours!!!

The decor is all high ceiling with wooden beams, great lighting, stonework and traditional murals and paintings, comfy seating, up to 500, 350 inside, with a lovely covered terrace come beer garden, and with live music on Friday nights, and a kids play area and ample off street parking, it’s a great venue to hold that birthday party, wedding or any special event.

Meze with a Twist
Over a lovely fresh coffee, Andreas explained; “it’s a traditional Cypriot Meze House with a South African, or more, an International twist” … “It’s not just lot’s of meat, it’s seasonal, the BBQ souvlaki and selected meats come with grilled vegetables, black eye beans and salads and just seems to keep coming, usually about 23 dishes” he laughed, “we normally get asked to stop serving” oh btw just wait ’til you taste their specialty house bread, home made with herb infused olive oil then grilled over real charcoal and served to compliment tantalizing starter salads and dips.

Cooked Slowly
In traditional Cypriot Taverna style they also serve Jumbo Pork Chops, Lamb Chops, Pork Fillet, tender Chicken, so hard to choose, you might as well go for the Mixed Grill it’s like a mini meze lol … I asked why the talk on the town is that the Brits are going crazy about their Spare Ribs, they told me they’re lean cuts, marinated for 2 days and cooked slowly for 3 hours in a secret home made spicy wrap and a Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce, omg!, just taste bud explosion.  Mum, I still don’t believe it, added, our Fish & Chips are getting popular too especially on Friday nights!

My Way
I asked head chef and brother, ‘Costa’ to tell me some more … he said; “it’s not just feed the people, we want them to come back, so we’re meticulous about our cuisine and the way it’s served” … “we start by selecting the best full cuts and then trim and prepare them ourselves, then add local fresh produce, and then spend a little more to buy the best herbs and imported spices to add to my recipes, gathered from my travels, in my way”!

Costa told me “the menu is varied with much attention to preparation, often days before he cooks a certain dish, adding delicious Traditional Cypriot Roast aka Kleftico, cooked for hours in the sealed Clay Ovens and a Pulled Pork, inspired by Gordon Ramsey and twisted my way, to the menu”.  He also told me he’s perfected their own Streaky Bacon, marinating selected pork belly cuts in wine, before curing, both included in their Meze btw.

Family Tree
Fascinated, I delved a little deeper;  They explained, “our family’s heritage boasts the first Doctor of Cyprus, a father who started in hospitality back in SA many years ago, sons Andreas and Costa continuing in Glyfada, Greece, then head chef Costas’ 9 years of trips to many countries, including Belgium, Holland, Spain and Greece, learning all about their cuisines and styles, with names like The Hilton Hotel, and TGI Friday’s bouncing around, their Souvlaki place up in Nicosia, then voted number one, oh and mum, still don’t believe it, Erasmia, in hospitality for over 20 years, it was obvious this team were going to get it right … oh grandson Stevie has recently joined them as a waiter, keeping it in the Family!

In the summer they hold regular Cyprus Nights in association with Lefteris and his Traditional Cyprus Bus Tour but everyone is welcome at Kalograia Tavern, boasting a traditional Cypriot band playing Live Music with Traditional Cyprus Dancers to entertain you.  Just wait ’til you see them perform the famous Glass Tower Dance, coz these guys go just that bit further, balancing chairs and things on their heads too, and Dancing on the Tables, oh and sadly in true health and safety standards, there’s no plates smashing these days, well maybe just occasionally 😉 … and look out for their new Steak Nights, Curry Nights and Themed Buffet Nights … coming soon!

Behind the bar
You’ll find a fine selection of Cypriot and Greek Wines and a few chosen favourites, and local beers and of course all your favourite spirits, served by the glass or bottle, with mixers, soft drinks, and delicious fresh coffee and liqueurs …

Do save some room for one of their homemade desserts or fresh cut seasonal fruit, served after your meal … or just pop in for a drink and nibbles, or a coffee and cake and watch the beautiful sunsets in Dherynia.

Take Away
The guys know that sometimes you just want good quality food to take away and eat at home, so if you’ve got friends round, to save cooking, they are very more than happy to oblige just call them with your order here.

Open all Year
Daily: 6 pm ’til 11 pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday Nights
11 am ’til 2 pm & 6 pm ’til 11.00 pm

You’ll find them at 93, Stadiou Street, Dherynia, 5380 … It’s on the Dherynia to Sotira Road, just after Dherynia Football Stadium and about 500 meters past Ayios Varnavas Church.

A International Twist on Traditional Cooking!

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