Blue Surf Property, Protaras

Blue Surf Property, Protaras, Established 2018

Finding a reliable estate agent isn’t that easy, whether you’re selling your house, looking to get on the property ladder, moving within Cyprus or moving to Cyprus, or following an increasing fashion, investing in Cyprus, the later a speciality, maintaining that happy balance between seller and buyer is based primarily on honesty!

Dreams come true
Owner Trish, from the Green Isle, originally came to Cyprus in 1999, having taken a year out from University.  The plan was to work for a summer in Cyprus and travel for the rest of the year, and return to University!  But like many others, she fell in love with paradise and never left …

After her first summer job working in a bar, she took a position as a rep with First choice for a couple of years, when she was then offered a position at Giovani Developers, beginning a long and passionate love affair with Property!  Seven years working at Giovani was followed by another 7 year partnership at Island Homes, when Trish finally achieved her dream to open her own Property Agency, and Blue Surf Property was born!

In 2018 Trish took the Real Estate Property Law exams in Greek language, becoming the first ‘non Cypriot’ to ever pass the exams and become a registered Estate Agent in Cyprus! and so to be more precise, Trish is actually the only British/Irish Registered Estate Agency in Cyprus!!

Caring Service
Over coffee Trish explained, “I always worked with total dedication and commitment, but in the end, it is a completely different feeling to have your own license and have the freedom to do things your own way, you know, we love what we do and it shows!!   She continued; “Our success is built around the caring service we provide, making sure everything required to sell the property is in place.  We are 100% transparent and we don’t hide anything from the buyer.  If the property has faults we will point them out!!  And then we offer solutions on how to put them right, having built solid relationships over the past 15 years with local companies that we can recommend.

Nine Tenths Presentation
Trish continued;  “we take plenty of good, quality photographs, from the right angles, then using the accuracy of Laser technology measuring equipment to add detailed, coloured, floor plans to the portfolio”.  In constant contact, aad working very closely with local banks and well established developers and exclusive projects, together using their extensive network of contacts to attain the best properties available on the real estate market today, including the prestigious development at Ayia Napa’s new marina.

Multi Lingual
Together the excellent crew of six, staff, who speak several languages including, Greek, English, Polish, Russian, Slovakian and of course Irish, they work very closely with clients from Cyprus, Great Britain, Lebanon, Dubai, and lots of Scandinavians these days, it’s truly an International set up.  Trish said “We also have an associate office in Dubai, as many British ex pats living in the UAE are choosing Cyprus for the long term”.

Trish continued, that because of the way they build relationships with their clients making investments in Cyprus, who eventually need a trustworthy property management service, and as it became more and more evident, Blue Surf Property now also provide an extensive list of long and short term rentals, private and commercial …

Open all year
Monday to Friday, 9 am ’til 6 pm
Saturday, 9 am ’til 1.30 pm

Blue Surf Property are at 333, Protaras to Cape Grecko Avenue, Protaras just before the traffic lights, near Anotolia Tavern and opposite Nissiotiko Tavern …

They go above and beyond their clients expectations!

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