@Home, Homeware, Paralimni

@Home, Homeware, Paralimni, Part of the Supermarket Europe Group, Established 2012

The well established Supermarket Europe Group originally launched in Ayia Napa in 2012, and they have recently added a sixth shop to the company, but this time its Homeware, just about everything you’ll need to make your house or flat a home … I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised to find my very good friend of many years ‘Bobby’ there as the manager when I went to check them out …

As I entered I noticed straight away that the selection on display was extensive, to say the least … Bobby showed me around; the shop is very deep, everything in sections, well laid out and with some really nice ideas … There’s too much to mention but I’ll give you an idea or two worth the visit …

There’s a nice selection of Lamps, Wifi Systems, Digital Speakers, Curling Tongs, Hair Straighteners, oh and Irons.

Pretty much anything you’ll need from quality nonstick pans and saucepans to cutlery, cooking utensils, plates, cups, mugs, bowels, glasses, casserole dishes, cutting boards, slow cookers, deep fryers, microwave ovens, kettles, coffee makers, grills and toasters, lots of things for pastry making, strainers, clothes dryers, waste bins, tubberware, sink tidies, buckets, storage jars and you name it they’ve got it, if not they’ll try and find it for you …

Carpets & Curtains
Then an excellent selection of curtains, curtain rails, and gorgeous curtain ties, nets, cushions, carpets, rugs, small and big, little mats and throws, sheets, duvet covers, and sets, and pillows and fluffy towels … and Nice Vinyl Coverings for worksurfaces … There’s also tools and tool boxes and things for DIY … Gorgeous little ornaments and gifts … Hubba Bubba Appliances so you can share with your friends 😉 … lovely flower pots, and ceramic plant pots and plants to go in them … and lots of candles, both scented and not …

Hand Made for You
When it comes to curtains that start at €6 one off, and carpets of many sizes, you’ll find something to suit, if not, just give the the measurements and you can have both carpets and curtains made by hand for free and they’ll even do that for you on-site … and I have to say, I thought it was excellent value for money!

There’s even a unique selection of ‘Evterpa’ Eau de perfumes, sold by the millilitre and I must say omg they were exciting my sense of smell … a couple I recognise were spot on … there’s lots more gifts and picture frames and prints and it just goes on … pop down when you’re next looking for something for the home I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was!

Value for Money
Pretty much almost all of the produce here is imported from Bulgaria and a few other places in Europe … the quality excellent the prices very reasonable I thought, and they don’t really do delivery, but on big orders, they will arrange delivery to the local area.  There’s multilingual staff speaking English, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian and German …

Open all year
Daily: 10 am ’til 7 pm
Sundays: 10 am ’til 6 pm
No half day closing

You’ll find @Home at 162, Protaras Avenue, Paralimni, it’s just a little downslope from the EKO Petrol Station on the other side … and it’s almost opposite the Bakery Europe

@Home you’ll make your house a home!