Jungle Float Mobile Water Park, Protaras

Jungle Float, Adventure Activity Playground, Protaras, Established 2017

Mobile Water Park Fun
I just love finding new ideas especially when they have anything to do with the sea and they fall into the ‘Things to Do’ category and of course ‘Kids & Grown Ups’ coz I can’t wait to bounce on this again, this year!, oh, I think you’ll find it’s a little Random too 😉 … if you wanna see what I mean check out their Promo Video by Gorilla Video, quite apt 😉 

Jungle Float
I’ve known this family for years, dad always liked the idea of Sea Water Parks and so son Vasilis kindly obliged by discovering the revolutionary award-winning Jungle Float, together they brought the first one to Cyprus and then successfully floating it, to the right of Protaras Bay in 2017.

Through the Jungle
Let’s start off with the Monkey Jump, a simple 6 ft platform leap … slip down the Curvy Water Jungle Slide … step it up onto the Monkey Bounce a small trampoline, then a little more extreme with the Gorilla Bounce, a 12 ft high trampoline into the Med … The Tarzan Swing is brilliant … and if you wanna be brave, dive off the Gorilla Jump, a 14 ft high platform, btw, that’s high enough for a double somersault !!!

Safety First
It’s 6 Activities on one floating adventure playground, on the med, anchored in at least 3 metres of water, there’s two assistants and qualified lifeguards on board.  It’s always safety first, so they start by making sure you can swim, a short breaststroke from the shore to the platform, following a few rules and regulations, simple things like look before you leap, so you don’t jump on someone’s head and get outta the way as quickly as you can … the rest is, let’s have fun!!!

Everyone’s welcome
It’s a family biz and all families are welcome.  Anyone can go from age 6 to a maximum of 100 kgs.  Life jackets are available for everyone and they welcome Birthday Parties, Groups, Weddings, just for a little craziness, one for the album with special offers for groups of 8 or more … Dance Schools, Summer Schools, Gym Teams, Swimming Associations … Check out more videos here!

btw, it’s a great opportunity to get some really good shots with cool angles all over the place, check out some of my photos in the gallery …

Open long Summer Season
June ’til October
Daily: 9 am ’til Dusk

30 Minutes @ € 10
60 Minutes @ € 15

You’ll find Jungle Float in front of the Volley Ball area on Silver Sands Beach Hotel at the Fig Tree Bay end, of Protaras Bay …

They’re making a big splash this summer!

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