Maccadam All Day, Bar, Paralimni

Maccadam All Day, Cafe Bar, Paralimni, Established 2019

I was invited by George Tofas to ‘Maccadam All Day’, the newest all-day bar in town, and it looks like they’ve got it right from the start, the decor, Greek culture, vintage British style, like a shot out of the Great Gatsby, a touch above the rest!  Inside, hanging plants, gorgeous comfy Chesterfield style sofas, and big armchairs, set around coffee tables in no particular fashion, an array of pastel flowers adorning the bar, all a complement to their awesome interior designer Bianca Minides.

Outside, running all the way around, partly covered, wooden decking and lots more comfy chairs and sofas to chill on those hot balmy evenings with those tall gas heaters to keep you warm and toasty on those chilly winter moments … Big TV screens showing Fashion TV and live sports, and the setting on the edge of the car park overlooking St. George Square, in the heart of the village …

The Ambience
Over a delicious cappuccino, my old friend ‘Tommy’ the owner explained: “We wanted to set the ambience something like you’re sitting on the Kolonaki in Greece, the music relaxed, Mykonos style, and a little live sax now and then and the menus half Greek, half Cypriot, inspired by the irreplaceable chemistry of two top chefs, Giwrgos Gourounias and Lambri Christodoulou, both with 14 years experience, they’ve been working together for the past 5 years” …

Their selection of teas and especially coffees, ‘Milani’, an original blend of freshly ground Arabic Coffee Beans … The cold coffees inspired by the Greeks, Fredo Esspresso served properly, and my cappuccino was excellent, I love the nice little touches like the tiny cinnamon shakers, brilliant! and the hot chocolate’s warming, the white chocolate, naughty but nice, oh btw, they are already serving over 400 cups a day …

Breakfast & Brunch
It’s an all-day thing; starting with delicious brunch, the ‘Egg Maccadam’ fast becoming a fav, it’s an English muffin, with smoked salmon, creamy cheese, Avacado mousse and poached egg, just delicious, but their specialities are Brunch and Healthy Eats served from 10 am ’til 3 pm …

A little Different
I just love the thought that’s gone into the menu, head chef; Giwrgos Gourounias showing why he’s so sought after with this fusion of flavours and tastes and presentation … On my last visit, I went for the ‘Chicken in a Pan’; tortilla, marinated chicken, sour cream, sweet corn, chopped tomatoes, and fried eggs … next time I’m trying one of the healthy options, the ‘Pure Protein’ looked lovely; fresh spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and eggwhite omelette served on multigrain bread …

Sweet Tooth
Get ready to be spoilt … Their Chocolate Ball is death by chocolate, the Cream Teas are irresistible with fresh scones, jam and fresh clotted cream, but tbh the pancakes are mind-blowing, the cheeky ‘Nutella Monkey’, speaks for itself but the ‘White Lover’ a taste bub explosion; Raffaello, lemon zest, raspberry puree, white chocolate, and oreo cookies, mmm!

How Extreme?
Of course, everyone has their own favourite or maybe you are just feeling creative, so order the Maccadamm Pancakes and choose your own sauces and toppings … how extreme can you get ???

The ‘Crispy Duck with Pomegranate glaze’ looks very tempting but the Wild Mushroom Risotto well on my tick list … The Rib-eye Steaks so tender, grilled beef fillet, potato puree, vegetables and Jack Daniels Sauce … oh, and the homemade Beef Burgers just so hard to resist, especially the BBQ Burger drizzled in Chedder Cheese, caramelised onion, and BBQ Sauce, served in a BBQ Bun …

Behind the Bar
Starting with their own homemade lemonade, then serving a wide selection of drinks, from fresh juices to flavoured premium soft drinks and draught and bottled beers including Guinness, Paulaner, Desperados and Hoegarden to mention but a few … oh, and a selection of crafted and microbrewery beers like Duvel and Chimay Gold from Belgium and The Cannabis Club SUD Herb and Spice Beer from Germany …

Spirits & Cocktails
With a selection of all your favourite imported premium spirits sold by the shot, quarter bottle up to a full bottle, with ice and mixers … meanwhile, head barman, and award-winning Mixologist, ‘Zack Tsielepi’ will carefully blend together your favourite classic cocktails, but tbh, you really must try one or two of their speciality cocktails; ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ quite apt, and the ‘Sugar in Acid’, naturally sweet and sour … and ‘The Firebird’, an original blend of Rhubarb Gin, dragon fruit juice, lychee liqueur, clarified lemon and flavoured meringue, quite inspirational!

Another World
If you’re looking for something with a kick, do try one or two unique cocktails; The Rabbit Hole a coffee cocktail blended with spiced rum, maple syrup, a shot of espresso, cardamon and Irish Whiskey, slightly complex and invigorating to say the least …

Once Upon a Time
Fast becoming everyone favourite is, ‘Once Upon a time in Maccadam’, mixed to perfection, and poured over crushed ice all you have to do is sip, and then repeat … it’s a fusion of vodka raspberry, bubblegum syrup, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and candy flaws a crazy cocktail mix that’s a tastebud tease …

Wines Galore
With an envied selection of wines from Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Chile, New Zealand, and France, white, red, rose and sparkling … all served by the glass or by the bottle … one of my favourites the Cypriot Tsiakkas Chardonnay or Cote Du Rose of France …

Smiling Faces
It’s refreshing to see a well-oiled crew with happy, smiling, faces, even when they’re moving at full speed, and it’s nice to see a little attention to detail, and that’s not just in the decor … it’s a family environment, with sax nights, violin nights and Live Dining events to accompany your evening, and they welcome absolutely every nationality, so expect an international thing, oh and btw, I highly recommended a visit!

Open all year
Daily: 9 am ’til 1.30 am
Brunch Menu:
Daily: 10 am ’til 3 pm
Sundays: 10 am ’til 5 pm
Dinner Menu
Daily: 7 pm ’til 11 pm
Sunday’s: Only Platters after 5 pm

You’ll find Maccadam All Day at 9, Efesou, Paralimni, set on the edge of the central car park next t St. George Church, in the heart of the village … See map below …
GPS: 35.039150, 33.983263

Maccadam, different ideas, different faces!

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