Hugga by the Sea Lounge Bar Restaurant, Livadia, Larnaca

Hugga by the Sea, Lounge Bar Restaurant, Livadia, Larnaca, Established 2018


The Unexpected
This was definitely one of my favourite finds back in 2019 and it still is!  Hugga by The Sea is just a little way down the Dhekalia Road from town, on the Sunnyside overlooking the Med, opposite The Nautical Club and tbh it’s not something you’d expect to find here … I had to ask, Why ‘Hugga’?  Its name is derived from a Danish word for charming, special, cosy, sort of creating a warm atmosphere, which tbh describes it absolutely perfectly!

It’s classy, chic and unique, it’s spacious, the designer obviously minimalistic, with a
touch of finesse.  Outside there’s a large terrace, partly covered, with comfy bench sofas
and seats, huge umbrellas, dropping down to lush gardens, with mature trees creating
the shade, overlooking the sea, with gorgeous architectural lighting by night.  Inside its
all stone pillars and wood with classy finishing, stylish lighting, high ceilings, cool
touches and condiments to compliment, all creating an ambience that puts them up high
in my favourite eaterie rankings.

They’ve been open for 4 years now, but this place has already gained an excellent
reputation amongst the locals of an international mix, for providing top quality cuisine
and by not holding back on quantity, unless you ask them to size down a dish for the
children or Yia Yia, and all at very reasonable prices!  btw, they were good enough to be
recommended by The Restaurant Guru for 2021 … and on my last visit Chris let me into
a little secret, that there’s a new menu coming that will include fresh Lobster, fresh
Oysters and a Lebanese Platter.

Live Nights
Even more popular these days are the live nights.  Every Friday and Saturday this place
explodes with live music and song, Arabic on Fridays with famous Arabic singers,
tantalizing Belly Dancers and Greek Nights on Saturday doing it only like the Ellinas can and sometimes it’s a mix of the two and always accompanied by specially created Platters to savour … check out some of their Videos here.

Family Bees
I’m sure I crossed paths with owner Chris years ago, an interesting character to say
the least, might be something to do with potatoes?, but coming from a long family
history in the catering and hospitality industry. Chris’ family owned restaurants in
Larnaca and in true Cypriot tradition he grew up helping the family, so it’s in his blood
and inevitably Chris went on to study extensively and qualified in hotel management,
btw, ask him about his Bee Park.

Starting every day serving delicious breakfasts, the ‘Full English’ is Orange juice, 2 eggs,
2 bacon, a sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans, toast and coffee for only €5 …
it’s excellent value for money!

On the Menu
Then let’s move on to Brunch, Lunch and Dinner … do try The Meat Platter, which
already seems to be everybody’s favourite, I thought it was excellent!  But, there’s so
much to choose, from an international menu and all prepared fresh to order by happy
Cypriot and international chefs … btw, when I asked Chris what his favourites are he
told me “the Steaks of course, but I also love the Pasta, the Carbonara or the Fish Pasta,
it’s hard to choose” … I had to agree!

Chris has his own Sheep Farm feeding them mainly a diet of lush green grass and Cyprus
potatoes and then prepares and cooks one of the best Kleftiko I’ve ever tasted, cooked
slowly in a real clay oven together with the potatoes, for at least 6 to 7 hours, so that the
meat just falls off the bone, tbh, you’ll never taste anything like this Mmm! oh, and btw
the Lamb Chops, OMG!

Charcoal Grill
I have to say; the best way to cook meat is on the Charcoal Grill and at Hugga they’ve
got it right. So you must try their Angus Beef Steaks cooked to your liking and the
homemade burgers finely minced with the same beef both served with a little finesse …
Naturally, they also serve Souvlaki, delicious cubes of pork or chicken on skewers, slow
cooked over real charcoal and served with salad and pitta bread, oh, and btw, the Pork chops are huge!

Daily Specials
This is a family restaurant with traditional values, so if you’re wondering what’s for
dinner?, keep your eyes open for the blackboards both outside and inside, with daily
specials that change with the seasons and naturally mostly served with Cyprus potatoes,
the best in the world, straight from their farm, so expect to find only the freshest and
the best here!

Famed for their brilliant Platters for two or more; Meat, Cheese, Antipasti, Vegetable or
The Testing Platter is a mix of everything and at such cool prices.  One of my favourites,
you must try the Pork Fillet in red wine, blended with mushrooms, onions, English
mustard and fresh cream into a tantalising sauce served with fresh vegetables and rice …
maybe next time the Chicken Breast stuffed with Feta cheese, mint and garlic, sounds
delicious, hmm, or the Chicken Fajitas and crispy Nachos covered in cheese looked amazing!

Save a little room for desserts because they make delicious Waffles & Crepes, with 3 or
more toppings from an insatiable list, or maybe just stop by for afternoon coffee with a
naughty treat.

Kids menu
It’s a family friendly restaurant so the children have their own menu or you can size
down any meal.

Behind the Bar
A very well-stocked bar, with a selection of fine wines from Cyprus, Greece, and Italy …
Frozen Margaritas, that I must warn you are very Moorish, Daiquiris, just as much,
Smoothies made with fresh fruits, all your classic cocktails and my fav The Hugga Lover,
a mix of Gin, pink grapefruit, soda, lime, mixed berries and Cointreau, they’ll shake-up
your taste buds.

There’s 6 Big Screens showing all the live sports and Chris plans to continue hosting
charity events plus lots of Live Music, Arabic Nights, Cyprus Nights, Greek Nights, Buffet
Nights and it’s very spacious here, so it’s a great choice to hold your birthday party,
baptism or wedding reception, or tbh, any special event, because they’ll make it very

I enjoyed my first interview with Chris and my recent catch-up to bring you up to date.  I just have to congratulate him on his endless list of achievements, his impeccable hospitality, unique ideas and his kindness to local charities and naturally combining it all to offer you an excellent dining experience with a little finesse! … btw, if there’s a group of you and you fancy trying something new, Chris will sort you out a cab there!

Open all Year
Daily: 9 am ’til 2 am

Directions & Delivery
You’ll find them on the corner at 2, Michalaki Kalorli and Dhekalia Road, Livadia, Larnaca
… It’s on your left with the sea to your right, just past Jumbo and opposite The Nautical
Club, with ample off-street parking … See Google Map icon below … or click here for Free Delivery to Larnaca, Livadia and Oroklini areas …
GPS: 34.952590, 33.650006

A Commendable Dinning Experience in Larnaca!


Open all Year
Summer: Daily: 9am 'til 1 am
Winter: Daily: 9 am 'til Midnight

Directions & Delivery
You'll find them on the corner at 2, Michalaki Kalorli and Dhekalia Road, Livadia, Larnaca ... It's on your left with the sea to your right, just past Jumbo, and opposite The Nautical Club, with ample off street parking ... or to order Free Delivery in the surrounding area Click Here 

Tel: 0035796022222