Yellow Submarine, Mini Cruise, Ayia Napa

Yellow Submarine, Ayia Napa Harbour, Established 1999

Passion for the Sea
Sailing out of Ayia Napa harbour, they’re centre stage, on the jetty in front of Vassos Fish Taverna, the Yellow Submarine provides the best underwater extravaganza, with vision on a clear day up to 40 metres.  It’s the most you’ll see underwater without getting wet, much as you’ll probably end up getting wet, lol.

Keep it in the family
It’s a family-run boat with Captain Yioryis and all his kids joining him.  I’ve known Yioryis since he launched this boat and a more passionate man about the sea, you’ll never meet … he really is an awesome character!

Captain Ermis
Yioryis’ godson Captain Ermis is only 28 and once was the youngest fully qualified captain in Cyprus.  Studying at The Maritime Academy in Greece, he’s not just qualified to drive a boat the size of the Yellow Submarine but Ermis is licenced to drive those huge Oil Tankers … Taking the wheel he glides the semi-sub with such uncanny precision allowing Yioryis to look after everyone on the boat, which he does with extraordinary finesse.

On the Boat
The top deck is for the sun worshippers, on the main deck you can grab a drink from the bar, relax in the shaded areas and enjoy the stunning rugged coastline.  Whilst down on the lower deck, 30 huge round porthole windows look straight outwards, rather than downwards, so you can take in the whole essence of the underwater world of the med.

Swim Stop
Your destination; is the famous Smugglers Sea Caves for swimming and snorkelling for about 50 minutes, with stunning views.  If you need help to get into the caves Yioryis and the crew will make sure you get right inside them, swimming into one and then out of another … I don’t know any other captain that joins you all for a swim, and if you’re brave enough you can do a little rock jumping with Yioryis providing the 3, 2, 1, jump assistance!

Kids and Grown-ups
You really must fly off the end of the 10-metre water slide, jump from the kid’s diving board or if you’re brave enough, try the high-flying diving board.  You can snorkel around and discover what’s inside the Smugglers Sea Caves.  Naturally, you can just crash out on the top deck, and enjoy all the fun, and the sun with an ice-cool drink!

The Dive show
Everyone goes down below sea level to look out of the huge windows, whilst Captain Yioryis, a qualified diver, dives in to feed the fish, it’s a sensational part of the trip.  The large viewing windows allow you to sit in comfort with a view out and across, as opposed to standing and looking at the seabed that you’ll find with most glass bottom boats … After the show, you can join in feeding the fish and get loads of photos.  Captain Yioryis has a phenomenal zest for life and tbh, and I can’t imagine he’ll ever change!

Kids Steer
Another lovely feature is Captain Yioryis lets the kids steer, and you’ll laugh so much if they hit a bump!, and even when they moor up back at the harbour, Captain Yioryis is there giving everyone a Hi 5’s at the end …

The Trips
The Trips last about 90 minutes, and the afternoon one maybe a little bit longer … it’s fun for all ages and it’s worth every cent, hard to believe it’s only €10 for adults and €5 for the kids, who btw, will love it, and trust me, they’ll love the captain loads too … and tbh all you see and hear as the passengers get off the boat, is lots of smiles and compliments!

Deep Sea Fishing
As a dedicated fisherman for decades, Captain Yioryis also provides deep sea fishing trips aboard one of his other boats ‘Stargazer’ … so if you fancy catching that big one, Yioryis will know where the fish are!

Cooked for You
I love the add-on to the service; they’ll also arrange for the chefs at Vassos Fish Tavern to cook your catch free for you for lunch.  All you have to pay for is your chips and salad … So, you can’t get it fresher than that! … btw, it’s a perfect backdrop to enjoy eating your catch, booking is by appointment only …

Sunrise Trips
Something a little different, you can Private Charter ‘Stargazer’ for Sunrise Trips, to see the stunning view of the sun as it comes out of the med on the horizon as you swim in the crystal clear calm waters in the morning …  it’s a 2-hour trip and to me, there’s nothing more beautiful than the colours as the sun rises in the east for a new day!

Captain Yioryis, his son Joshua, and Godson Captain Ermis recently received certificates of bravery for saving the lives of two tourists stuck in very dangerous waters.  Together with their extensive experience of the area and extreme bravery, the three managed to save their lives, where coast guards had struggled.  The 3 crewmembers received bravery certificates from The Chief of Police … which should make you feel a little safer!

Yioryis just loves to make his friends happy, so on the way back if you fancy, jump on one of the rubber rings or grab the rope and enjoy the ride … it’s sooooo much fun!  And these guys are so nice if you lose your wedding ring or I-Watch they’ll probably go back and find it for you.

I love the new Drone they’ve got on board now … Check out lots of their Videos on their Facebook Page and check out their Trip Advisor Reviews here.

Open long summer season
Sailing 3 times daily
10.30 am ’til 12.00 pm
12.30 pm ’til 2.00 pm
2.30 pm ’til 4.00 pm’ ish

Ayia Napa Harbour
Booking is easy as these days; you can book online and via PayPal … or pop down to the harbour, you can’t miss them, they’re centre stage on the harbour in Ayia Napa opposite Vassos Fish Taverna… for directions click on the Google Map link below …
GPS: 34.982008, 34.002954

Lots of fun for all the family!

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