Knights GastroPub, Protaras

Knights GastroPub, Pernera, Protaras, Established 1988

This is without a doubt one of my favourite pub come restaurants in Cyprus with an impeccable history, probably because its owned and run by an incredible family.  Following in its success serving quality food, these days its become a GastroPub and tbh it’s an excellent eaterie to say the least.  It’s where everyone goes and inevitably, ends up going back!

I’ve watched this pub grow since it opened in 1988.  It’s all dark wood, tables, comfy seats and benches.  The whole place covered in artefacts, posters, blackboards and hundreds of photos added over the years.  I’m sure I’m in a few, ha!, I probably took a few of them too.  It’s not only a workers fav, but a Brits fav too and of course the locals in the area, even our nationals who swarm down to the east coast for a swim, plus of course our international visitors, who all add to the ever increasing custom and inevitably, I’d say it’s one of the most successful pubs in Cyprus!

In the Kitchen

Bursting at the seams with talent, lets start with their head chef, one of my best friends Xenis, without doubt one of Cyprus’ finest chefs, who passionately conjures up his GastroPub style cuisine, using only the freshest and finest ingredients, many picked from his personal mini farm.  The rest bought from very selected local suppliers, except of course when they need to be internationally authentic.

The Master
I’ve had the pleasure to dine at Xenis’ home and trust me this guy knows how to cook!  We had lamb fillet and lamb ribs and he put 40 Kg of lamb bones in the oven to reduce to graduate the sauce to compliment the meal.  His friends call him a ‘Master’ and if this video doesn’t make you believe, nothing will … and tbh you’ll find dishes here you won’t find anywhere else, because when Xenis finds something unusual on his shopping trips, you’ll find them on the specials menu … so don’t forget to ask to see the day’s specials!

The menu is extensive to say the least, so it’s really hard to choose, but I’ll cover a few of my favourites … for starters it’s either the ‘King Scallops’ with creamy pernod sauce on spinach or the ‘Avocado Salad with Prawns’, tossed with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, and served with cocktail sauce or balsamic dressing.  Oh and btw, all their salads are cut to order, as fresh as they come!  Having said that, their freshly homemade soups are usually irresistible, hmm? … Click here to see their full Menu

Every day is Friday here, so if you like fish you’ll be in heaven.  The ‘Fresh Sea Bass Fillets’ with orange thyme sauce, one of Xenis’ favourites … The ‘Fresh Poached Salmon Fillet’, served with creamy dill sauce and fresh spinach definitely one of mine and occasionally I just opt for a good old ‘Cod & Chips’

His Way
A good cook knows his seasonal herbs, spices and compliments and in the kitchen Xenis is surrounded by them, adding a pinch here and there to compliment each dish.  The ‘Crusted Tuna’ in teriyaki sauce and the imposter ‘Lion Fish’ with sweet chili sauce, both unique to say the least and btw, its really cool coz they’re helping marine life at the same time!

It’s Beef
I often choose a steak, absolutely fresh, carefully selected ‘Angus Fillet’, just grilled or with a choice of tantalising sauces and of course cooked to perfection.  You really must try the ‘Ribeye’ steak with garlic butter omg! …. or maybe the ‘Tomahawk Steak’, all 1000 grams of it … or a homemade ‘Angus Beef Burger’, just mouth-watering, or the brilliant ‘Pulled Pork Burgers’ toped with melted Mexican cheese.

Mexican Corner
On that note; The ‘Nachos’ are just brilliant, but which one?  There’s 4 to choose from my fav the chicken, topped with melted Mexican cheese, jalapenos, served with guacamole and sour cream dips and a tantalizing spicy tomato sauce.

Adding some international options makes it even more difficult to choose, especially try a few of the Cypriot favourites like the homemade traditional ‘Moussaka’ in a hot pot, or my absolute favourites, the ‘Green or Red Thai Curries’, with sauces carefully blended by Xenis, using products grown in his allotments and imported from Thailand … The ‘Carbonara’, just perfect and homemade ‘Pizzas’ just like mama used to make, so create your own or my fav is the ‘Seafood Pizza’.  But just wait ’til you try the ‘Duck Breast’ served with honey and berry sauce! it’s a mind blowing, taste bud experience!

There’s a delicious vegetarian selection; my fav the vegetarian ‘Green Thai Curry’, oh and there’s a kid’s corner too, my grandson loves their ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’, and btw they like to stay one step ahead of the competition, so you’ll probably get one extra chicken nugget here 😉

omg! you must leave some room for one of Knights’ homemade desserts.  Full of fresh ingredients that make them just irresistible.  So, if you can resist the ‘Sticky Toffee Cake’, you really must try the ‘Bailey’s Cheesecake’ or the ‘Mango & Passion Fruit Cheesecake’, they’re to die for!

Homemade Ice Creams
Brother Panicos lends a hand making the homemade ice creams and sorbets, with a huge selection of flavours, my favs are the mint with chocolate, the rum and raisin and the tiramisu and the pavlova, ha!, and you’re bound to love one of them, tbh, sometimes I just pop in for coffee and afters!

Your Maitre ‘d is the eminent Panicos, never a more charming man you’ll meet … behind the bar is George on the till and not forgetting ‘Akis’ who opened this place 33 years ago now, who is more of a ‘Director of the Bar’ these days … That’s the four brothers, doing what they do best … ably assisted by the gorgeous friendly crew 😉

Behind the Bar
Truly a family pub, you name it they’ll have it … there’s loads of fun and frolics, and more than ten beers on draught including local brews, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Paulaner, Guinness and Ciders.  There’s vodka delights and if you’ve been coming here for years and you can’t find Akis’ exotic cocktail menu, just ask … btw, gin lovers go for the ‘Knights Vision’ or the ‘Pink Queen’

There’s great entertainment, with a really cool resident DJ playing a varied mix of party music which creates such an awesome atmosphere.

This is Unusual
There’s also TV’s and huge screens all over the place, so you can see what your listening to, coz this DJ mixes up music videos with a regular trips back to the 70’s 80’s 90’s and the noughties … oh and just in case you’re wondering, I designed their T-Shirts, a must buy! 😉

Live Sports
Oh, and its a must for live sports fans, with so many screens and almost as many satellite dishes they often have several sports on at once, all you have to do is ask and they will probably find it, because this place show absolutely everything with live English commentary.

Cyprus Rocks
Back in 2018 Knights Bar accidentally became the ‘after bar’ for the Classic Rock Festival in October and it looks like this year the festival is cancelled but the rockers will still come back to meet up with their friends …

Gotta go back
This is one of those bars that hold on to their repeat visitors as well as getting a whole new bunch hooked every season !!! So if you wanna eat Booking is highly recommended coz it tends to get really busy!!! …

Open Long Summer Season
Daily: 12 noon ’til 1 am

It’s in the heart of the Pernera area of Protaras, which is not far from Protaras or Kapparis, on the bend you can’t really miss it … Click on the Google Map logo below …
GPS: 35.031233, 34.036782

An eaterie absolutely extraordinaire !

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