Gyradiko & Grill by Vangelis Takeaway & Delivery, Paralimni

Gyradiko & Grill by Vangelis Takeaway & Delivery, Paralimni, Established 2020

I’d heard so much about Vangelis’ Grill, recommended by a couple of my friends, I wondered what all the fuss was about?, There was me thinking hmm, just another kebab shop?  So, I popped along to meet Vangelis and try one of his Gyro and now I know why this place is so good … in fact this guy is on another level …

Born in Kavala in Macedonia, Greece, Vangelis moved to Cyprus in 2006 via a little stint in Rhodes between 1994 & 1997 where he mastered the art of making Crepes … But, like most men he learnt a lot about cooking authentic cuisine from his mum … and when he first arrived here he worked with Yianna Grill House opposite our old office in Paralimni, then he learnt how to cook Gyros in Protaras and worked at both of Georgie’s Restaurants in Ayia Napa for 9 years and then renting Georgie’s Paralimni shop for another 2 years.

Follow your Dreams
His dream was always to have his own authentic Greek Gyros & Souvlaki takeaway restaurant and with the help of family and a few good friends he bought the old Mr. Jacket in Paralimni in 2020 … I asked him why he didn’t find a name for it and he said “because everybody knows me from my previous jobs”, I thought ‘fair enough’ …

Gyros & Souvlaki
This is where they excel, specialising in over 20 different choices of kebabs, Gyros here is a choice of 4 meats, pork, chicken from Greece, beef and lamb from UK … each cut into thin slices, layered and seasoned and set onto big skewers ready to be imported … Vangelis said “I spend a little extra, but I get the very best” … I said “do you then add a little more seasoning” and he said “there’s really no need” … tbh, the beef Gyro was probably the best I’ve ever tasted … Here’s a link to their full Menu 

I do have to mention they’ve got around 15 to 20 different toppings and sauces … so they are bound to have one of your favourites.  I played it safe and went for the tzatziki, but I had a little taster of the Greek style Tirokafteri, made with a spicy fetta cheese, a family recipe from his old uncle in Greece, or the Hungarian, or maybe the spicy mayonnaise … although I must say the Golden BBQ Sauce imported from Greece looked delicious and probably the next on my list …

Signature Dishes
There’s so many nice things on the menu and he’s already added many new dishes that aren’t on the menu but I think next time I go I’m going to have to try their unique ‘Pitta tou Pappou’, or grandads pitta in English, it’s sort of a Gyros club sandwich, two layers of Greek pitta with your choice of up to 4 meats and salads and sauces … Mmm!

They do lots of other things too, from the grill, lamb chops, jumbo pork chops up to 700 grams, sausages include; Sheftalia, Loukaniko, Bastourma and I must say the 300 gram Beef Burger stuffed with fetta and tomato sounds delicious, so too the deep fried mozzarella sticks and the onion rings taste as good as they look … oh, and as this place used to do Jacket Potatoes, so Vangelis decided to keep them on the menu … and the Platters for 1 look tempting and they are probably enough for 2!

Veggies & Fasting
Naturally in Cyprus we have to make sure we provide for those that are religiously fasting so you’ll also find a nice selection here … Everything from Prawns and baby kalimari on charcoal, to Falafel Torilla, a houmous salad and veggie sticks, that are like a burger but souvlaki shape …

Going Back
All in all my first visit to try his food and have a chat was enlightening to say the least and the portions and prices are brilliant … oh, even the pork is Halal aka Clean Cut …

One thing that I’ve never seen elsewhere was the Aperitif ‘Tsilili’ from Greece … It was so nice I picked up a bottle to take home with me … and at 40% Volume, be warned its got a big kick to it … and naturally they sell selected wines from Greece, and Beers from Greece and Cyprus with Alpha on draught … all in all this has just become one of my favourite Gyro Grill in Cyprus … This guy really is ‘on another level’ !!!

It’s a Takeaway and Delivery Restaurant but there’s a few tables if you want to sit down to eat there … btw, you can also order from Foody and Wolt and larger orders for parties or offices are very welcome …

Open all year
Daily: 11 am ’til 11 pm

You’ll find Vangelis’ Gyradiko & Grill at 35, 1st April Avenue, Paralimni, 5280 … it’s immediately on the pedestrian crossing near to Stephanis Electrical and next to Giovanis MOT Station … See Google Maps Below …
GPS: 35.04285, 33.97795

An absolutely excellent find!

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