Coffee Lab, Paralimni

Coffee Lab, Paralimni, Established 2021

Coffee Experts
I was invited to meet the wonderful Maria Kosma at Coffee Lab in Paralimni and I must say I was more than well impressed.  I’d heard so much about them, starting with they serve real coffee, coffee from a single source, so they know exactly which coffee farm their fresh beans come from and that includes speciality coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Kenya …

Limited Editions
It get’s better than that, because Maria informed me that at Coffee Lab, with over 134 cafes worldwide are 3rd Wave Coffee Movement Μicroroasters!, who boast Limited Edition coffee every six months, which usually lasts about 2 to 3 days because they only get 3 Kg of it and like all their coffees, if it’s not sold within 15 days they throw it away.  So seriously, if you want really good, really fresh coffee, you have to try this place.

Top Sellers
Maria said “Their most recent Limited edition was Narino Coffee from Columbia, a super single fresh coffee like no other, distinguished for its delicious smooth medium body and nutty walnut flavour”.  Their top seller however is their classic Freddo Espresso from Brazil, currently only €2.50 … Check out their Greek Menu here

Retreat from the Heat
Conveniently situated in the heart of Paralimni, in St. George Square overlooking the church … Huge blue umbrellas adorning their logo ‘Argus’ the faithful dog of the God Odysseus, mans best friend?, well maybe after coffee.  The umbrellas creating the shade over a delightful terrace with coffee lounge style seating surrounded by plants and flowers, inside its chique, unique, clean, really cool lighting a gorgeous selection of naughty compliments on display, to accompany your coffee.

The idea here is to give you a place to relax, with that ‘Home from Home’ ambience.  They like to become friends with their clients and trust me if you go you’ll leave as friends.  It’s a great place to relax for breakfast, brunch, a sandwich, lunch or afternoon coffee and cake and evening platters … It’s a great place to watch the big local or international football matches or catch a live DJ and regular special events like Ladies Day.  Check out their reviews on TripAdvisor 

They serve 10 different coffees with 25 variations, like 3 Espressos, 3 Feddo Espreso, 5 different Lattes to mention but a few … My favourites the Cappuccino or Flat White or the Choco Ball with a Donut with chocolate inside, mmm! and they serve Vegan Coffee Cappuccino, Latte or iced coffees.

Filtered for 6 Hours
On that note; their Cold Brew, Iced Coffee’s are an art; using a specialised filtering system they take freshly ground coffee beans, then filter their coffee for 6 to 7 hours and then serve it just how you like yours, but better!

Hot Chocolate
Few places achieve this level of serving hot chocolate as it should be.  It’s real chocolate, milk, bitter or white, ground into flakes, then they just add hot milk and its lovely and thick, so as it cools you have to drink it with a spoon, now that’s what I call ‘real’ Hot Chocolate

Shakes, Smoothies & Slushies
I love the Mood Shakes, the Banoffee just delicious … The Pomegranate smoothie is so cool … and The Mango Slushies so refreshing.

Fresh Juices
Also serving a selection of 100% freshly squeezed fruit juices, my favourite the ‘Ginger Purple’ a blend of blueberry, banana, Aronia and ginger, but just wait til you try the ‘Mind Blow’ a mix of carrot, peach, mango and cinnamon … next time I’ll try the Pinky Blenders, banana, sour cherry and Chia Mmm! but the D-Tox 100% Natural sounds interesting so too the Pop Eye, Hmm.

Teas & All
They also serve Teas, Herbal Teas, Soft Drinks, Beers, Wines, and spirits by the shot or bottle and naturally they’ll mix you an awesome classic cocktail or two.

Bite Me
There’s a delicious selection of tasty bites, 7 American Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts, plus my favourites the Mini Apple Pies, Brownies, American Cookies, Muffins, Greek Sweetbreads and cakes.

Special Offers
There’s a special offer on Mini Donuts for only €0.90 cents at the moment, mix them up and get 2 for €1.50, or 3 for €2.00

Gone Nuts
One of their specialities is Handmade Chocolate, the white with almond and cranberry, so smooth.  The Four Flavour Mix a taste bud explosion … They also serve Breadsticks, Cereal Bars and a variety of mixed nuts … The ‘Gone Nuts’ a selection of pumpkin seeds, cashew, almond, sunflower seed, cranberry and walnut just a perfect blend!

Standing Proud
There’s so many cafe’s in Paralimni, but this one stands out amongst them all … from the single source coffee, with traceability to the excellent choice of bites, the relaxed ambience to the friendly staff and real hot chocolate … it’s a franchise with a conscience, which is why they offer only the best and a visit is highly recommended!

Open all year
Daily: 7am til 10 pm

You’ll find Coffee Lab at !4, Ayios Gerogiou, the square, Paralimni 5280, it’s just to the left of St. George Church, with ample off street parking … See Google Map icon below …

Real Coffee and lots More!

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