To Steki tou Boss, Paralimni

To Steki tou Boss, Paralimni, Established 2015

I recently grabbed the chance to pop in to catch up with Pambos at one of my favourite finds in the past couple of years.  ‘To Steki tou Boss’, is right in the heart of Paralimni.  Literally translated it means ‘Pampos’ steak house’ but in this case the ‘Steki’ is not taken literally as it’s not just a good steak here, because you’ll also find many traditional and authentic Cypriot dishes and much, much more …

Dreams come True
Over a lovely coffee, Pampos told me he always wanted his own place, having worked in hospitality at top name hotels in Protaras, like The Odessa, Capo Bay and Crystal Springs Beach hotels.  He said “I wanted to keep it traditional, launching my first taverna back in 2015, then we added a takeaway and delivery service, until I found this lovely traditional village house and we moved here in 2021”.

Dine In
It’s Cypriot taverna style, a cosy restaurant offering that ‘Home from Home’ feeling! Inside the décor, in one part designer influenced bespoke wooden tables and chairs made really comfy, high stools up at the bar, blended with cafe style seating, lots of wood, village artefacts everywhere, plants and cool lighting.

During the days and warm evenings, the sliding doors open up around the curved perimeter blending the single line terrace so you can sit outside alfresco style, or just inside like a covered terrace.  I have to say the ambience here is on another level … just check out their reviews on their Facebook page

What I really love about this place is nothing is pre-cooked, everything freshly homemade and mostly, traditionally grilled to order over real charcoal in a way that only the Cypriots can … and btw, Pampos’ wife Maria is in the kitchen to make sure everything is cooked perfect!

Your Meze
The ordering system is really cool too … it’s a tick list of everything that’s in the kitchen, you just tick the boxes with how many portions you want of each dish!  Choose from a selection of salads, traditional dips and finger food then the main dishes.  So, if there’s a few of you and you’re creating your own Meze and pay for exactly what you order by the dish and so on … Brilliant!

When I asked Pambos “is there anything else that makes your eaterie so popular? he said “we like to do things a little different here so we serve things like traditional lambs liver, oven cooked sweet red pepper with feta cheese, homemade meatballs, lamb chops grilled with fresh herbs and olive oil and the very special Rabbit in Lemon Sauce”.

Some of my favourites on the charcoal include, the traditional beef liver with herbs, the huge pork chops and the Caramelised pork belly slices in grape syrup.  And of course their souvlaki, served in Cypriot Pitta.  Plus the homemade Burgers and some really tasty Vegetarian Dishes and a really cool Kids Menu.

Pambos also mentioned “many of our clients favourites are the specialities side dishes like, the Saganaki Cheese, just delicious, so to the Feta in Clay, the Zucchini with eggs and rocket, in fact lots of things with an egg cracked on top” … oh and, he said “you really must try the Halloumi fried in batter!”

Rain food
This place is truly Cypriot so snails of all sizes are on the menu, so too wild mushrooms and many other Cypriot delicacies, all you have to do is see what specials are on the blackboards or just ask what surprises they have on the menu today?

‘O’ Meze tou Boss
I highly recommend you try a full traditional ‘O’ Meze tou Boss’ … it’s Pambos’ selection of over 20 seasonal dishes, so make sure you go hungry and btw, there’s no rush here, so your meze will be served nice and slowly or at your pace, coz Pambos will always ask you if you’re ready for the next few courses!

Mini Meze
If you’re not so hungry go for the Mini Meze which is only about 17 dishes but Pambos changes this seasonally so you’ll often be in for a nice surprise.

Most Cypriots love their seafood and it’s no different here.  Pambos has lots of fishermen friends supplying him with a lovely selection of locally caught fresh fish, like sea bass, sea bream, kalamari, prawns, smelt and whitebait and the much sought after Fried Kourkounes, aka the spiky fish.

Summer Nights
In the summer months Pambos also serves a traditional kleftico cooked in a sealed clay oven for over 10 hours, the meat just falls off the bone … OMG!

Nice Treat
After your meal, you’ll always finish off with a complementary dessert of vanilla sorbet ice-cream with Cypriot sweet cherries

Behind the Bar
Here you can buy all your favourite spirits sold by the shot, quarter bottle, half bottle or whole bottle … There’s a fantastic selection of Cypriot wines, by the glass, small bottle, carafe or whole bottle.

Beers & More
Plus a selection of regular Beers and the delicious Grape Ale, plus Guinness, Hoegaarden, Corona, and my favourite larger Stella Artois.  They also serve Kopparberg, Thatcher’s and Somersby Ciders, ice cool mixers, soft drinks and a selection of coffees hot or frape style!

Another really cool idea is if you’re hosting a party is that Pambos allows you to go in early and decorate the place for the party yourself and he’ll give you a hand! … And if there’s a few of you Pambos can sort you a taxi at a special price!

Mostly in the winter months Pampos presents the occasional live band and local musicians to entertain you while you dine and the Tzaki aka lovely open Fire, is lit on those chilly evenings and inevitably someone will get up and dance … Oppah!  Ellah!!

2 Big Screen TV’s show all the live sports, with a swing towards football, Cypriot at that, showing up to two matches simultaneously, but if you ask Pambos to put your match or your favourite sport on he’ll do his best to oblige.

Nice Surprise
I’ll just say it’s always best to book in advance to avoid disappointment, coz this place gets really busy with lots of locals popping in regularly, international visitors and tourists, especially on the weekends … oh and, if you mention What’s On You’ll be in for a nice surprise! … Check out their Videos here.

Your Choice
I highly recommend you eat there, to appreciate Pambos’ traditional Cypriot hospitality.  It’s delightful to eat inside or outside on the narrow terrace or if you want to eat at home get a takeaway, but Pambos also invites you to order home delivery.  Alternatively order via Foody, Bolt or Wolt Delivery service.  For their menu just click on the icons below

Open all year
Daily: 11.30 ’til 3 pm & 5.30 ’til late
Closed on Sundays
Free Wifi
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You’ll find To Steki tou Boss at 21, Nikou Psara, Paralimni, 5280 … It’s on the one way system, on the corner, just past Seven Street Clothing and before the municipality traditional house museum … There’s plenty of off street parking in the free carpark opposite the entrance.
See Google map below …
GPS: 35.036828, 33.982249

It’s Like Home from Home!

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