Bootleggers Bottle Shop & Cava, Pernera, Protaras

Bootleggers Bottle Shop, Cava & Exchange, Pernera, Established 2006

I just love this bottle shop, it’s a little warehouse of goodies from an extensive selection of wines, spirits, beers, ciders, and liqueurs, to after-dinner accompaniments, plus soft drinks, energy drinks, and party nibbles, all at crazy discounted prices, boasting some of the best offers you’ll find anywhere in this area!

The three bootleggers are just unbeatable coz they’ll even accept, Euros, Sterling, or Dollars giving you your change in Euro, just like a no commission money exchange service!  and you don’t have to buy anything … Brilliant!

In the spirits collection, you’ll find all of your favourite tipples, including the delicious 5-Star Metaxa with pouring tap or the ever-popular Jack Daniels in cool presentation boxes … including the JD Sinatra & Gold and the Single Barrell, p.s. it’s my birthday soon.

50 Whiskies
So many choices, from Red Lable all the way up to my favourite Jonny Walker Blue Lable hmm but Stellios said ahh, “you should try the 18-year-old Macallan Double Cask it’s fast becoming a favourite for Whiskey drinkers”.

There’s 30 vodkas, including Smirnoff, 6 different flavours of Absolut, plus Grey Goose, Belvedere, Buluga, and the amazing Beluga Gold Line … I have to say the Stolinhnaya Salted Caremel Vodka is just sooo moorish I’ve always got a bottle in the freezer! … oh and they’ve also got The Kouffman Collection in.

It’s the in fashion drink so the guys have a choice of over 50 Gins on the shelves …  Gordons of course, but these days Bombay or Tangueray and the 8 different flavours of Whitley Neill lead the way …  Stelios suggested I try the Monkey 47 German Dry Gin but on my last visit there, i put one from the range of Berkshire Gin on my tick list … Hmm?

Home Grown
I’ve gotta say the Aristidis Angelica Blue Gin is a lovely surprise when you add ice and tonic water and their Flower Power Gin fused with a pomegranite tea bag is just on another level, and they use only Cyprus grown produce to distill and flavouur them.

Much More
Mixing it up for your party … Chose from over 20 Rums, including the new 11 flavours from Dead Mans Fingers, 10 Tequilas, Sambucas and Southern Comfort and Liqueurs in lovely bottles … The Masticha Roots Sweet Liqure is aparently very popular these days.

Brandy & Cognacs
Include Hennesy, Corvoisier, Martel, and of course Keo, 5 Kings, Anglaise and one or two nice surprises if you’re wanting to make a Brandy Sour Cyprus style …

As for that bottle of wine you enjoyed last night, they have over 300 different labels, from Australia, Chilli, Spain, Italy, France, and of course, a selection of award-winning Cypriot wines from Keo, Sodap, Zambartas, Tziakkaz, Tsangarides, Onofrio, Gerolemo and two of my favourites Ambeli and Ayia Mavri. Top sellers include Blossom Hill from California and Yellow Tail from Oz …

Why not grab a bottle or two of bubbles for that special occasion with Moet and Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, or Dom Perignon Laurent and believe it or not, Mum, Pommery and Henriot all at very affordable prices, and don’t forget a bottle or two of Prosseco, Mateus Rose, Martini Aste, and my favourite for after dinner Bailey’s on ice …

Beers & Ciders
There are lots of beers including, Carlsberg, Keo, Leon, John Smiths, Heineken, Guinness, my fav Stella Artois, Corona, Peroni and Thatchers, Strongbow, Brothers, Koppenberg, and Magners Ciders

There’s also a selection of alternative souvenirs like Natural Cosmetics, Herbolive, Slave Balsam, Aromatic Oils, Cooking Herbs and Spices and even some nice summer hats, oh, oh and a selection of little devices and technology, for that alternative kick!

Specialising in a lovely selection of Commandaria from the monasteries in Troodos and  on that note, Zivania from the mountains good quality Cyprus Coffees, herbs and spices, local vacuum-packed Olives, and Virgin Olive Oils, Nougat, and Chocolates.

The Crew
The three Bootleggers extraordinaire run this place brilliantly and are always ready to help you with your orders for parties and duty-free allowances and anything else you need advice about, Pantelis once told me “we’ll keep offering you mad prices until the sheriff shuts us down”, that’s the spirit! … pun intended ;).

Easy Shopping
The shop is arranged into sections to make life easy, lots of alleys with a nice surprise on every display, so it’s crazy not to get your booze and unmentionables here before you leave .. oh, and for parties, while you’re here, hic! … oh and that includes some very exotic flavours to share with your friends, with a cool coco heater and easy light charcoals too, if you get my drift 😉

Special Offers
There’s always special offers and discount bins, at the time of writing; it was Gordons Pink Gin and Jonny Walker Black Lable and if you’re buying in bulk for a wedding, birthday or any excuse party and you mention What’s On they’ll give you a nice surprise! … Oh and they offer free delivery in the local area for party orders over €60 … Check out their Videos here … and check out their TripAdisor Reviews here.

Home or Hospitality
The guys have been expanding the commercial side to the business providing a daily delivery service to the hospitality industy

Open All Year
Daily: 8.30 am ’til 10 pm

You’ll find them at 67, Pernera Avenue, Pernera, just upslope, on the right, above all the shops, with ample off-street parking … They accept all credit cards and there’s an ATM Machine right outside … See Google map below …
GPS: 35.031912, 34.035546

Is 8.30 am to early for wine? 😉

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