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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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The Black Pearl, Pirate Boat Trip, Ayia Napa

The Black Pearl's adventure glides you along the rugged coastline towards Cape Greco.  Hoisting the colours, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sweet Bonnie and all the other gorgeous pirates, who will get you in the mood, making pirate flags and dressing you up and teaching you some pirates facts and some pirate lingo ... and you'll even learn the Pirates Oath ... ho ho ho, and a bottle of Rum!

Can you be Trusted not to be Trusted?

As we cruised out of the harbour, crewmen Salazar and Eddie England took lookout upfront, balanced precariously, holding the ropes to steady themselves as Anne Bonny welcomed us to the Black Pearl and introduced us to the slightly sloshed Captain Jack Sparrow and a few of the crew and told us a bit about the trip ...

Meeting Captain Jack Sparrow

A day out on this boat trip turns a wonderful true story into a crazy pantomime on board the Black Pearl ...

Pirates of the Mediterranean !

The Black Pearl stands all dark and mysterious on Napa' harbour and sails the Med like no other ... Don't miss it !

May 2023

Another reason I love May is because we’ve already started topping up the tan as the temperatures have hit over 30°C in the shade, and the days are longer now, almost guaranteed sunshine through clear blue skies, as you'll notice there’s no heat haze yet.  I’ve also started going out at night in shorts and T-shirt and by mid-May, we probably won’t see rain again ’til October, apart from maybe one crazy hail storm in August.

It’s April & It’s Easter 2023

Talking about beaches, you know Ayia Napa and Protaras boast 2 of the best beaches in Europe and I believe we have the nicest sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in, licensing hours currently ‘til 2.30 am, and then, of course, our night clubs will take you through to sunrise, not too good for the tan unless you go straight to the beach.

August 2022

It’s probably gonna hit well over 50°C in the direct sun, so for those of us working its horrible!  Imagine Nicosia at lunchtime, not a good idea, and that’s why the majority of the residents of Nicosia are on the coast.  Just watch, as sophisticated, cosmopolitan, trendy, Nicosia spills down to the coast and mixes with the pure party crew, the result inevitably is electric!, which btw, is why August might secretly be my favourite month.

July 2022

It’s definitely time to get down to the beach or next to a pool to get that lovely tan, but please be careful, the sun in Cyprus is very strong, burn time is about 20 minutes, so slap on the Factor 50, which I call ‘a bandage’ and it’s probably going to be sunny tomorrow so there’s no rush.

April 2022

We'll finish off the month with Orthodox Easter Good Friday falling on the 22nd, Easter Sunday on 24th and Easter Monday on 25th, followed by an extra bank holiday on the Tuesday 26th aka Megali Triti or Big Tuesday because Easter is the biggest celebration on the Orthodox calendar and I'm expecting the locals to celebrate bigger and better than the last two years, so if you've never experienced Easter in Cyprus put it on your tick list ...

August 2021

Don’t forget it’s school holiday’s so loads of little’ns around too, and it’s too hot to do much except chill, but there’s so much to do and so little time, hmm ? … try searching ‘Kids & Grown Ups on our website … but let’s start you off with a visit to Ocean Aquarium Park in Protaras for a lovely day out with the kids …