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Kids & Grown Ups, Nicosia

Cyprus is The Mythological Party Playground of the Mediterranean ... for kids and grownups !!!

December 2022

On that note did you know that the aura of the Mediterranean is a natural source of Iodine, perfect for the immune system?

October 2022

It’s Autumn, so it’s a bit chilly swimming in the pool in the morning, but it's still warm enough to swim in the sea, sunny enough to get a tan, warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt all day and maybe you'll have to put on long sleeves by night, but I don’t think we’ll need a quilt on the bed 'til November

August 2022

It’s probably gonna hit well over 50°C in the direct sun, so for those of us working its horrible!  Imagine Nicosia at lunchtime, not a good idea, and that’s why the majority of the residents of Nicosia are on the coast.  Just watch, as sophisticated, cosmopolitan, trendy, Nicosia spills down to the coast and mixes with the pure party crew, the result inevitably is electric!, which btw, is why August might secretly be my favourite month.

December 2021

I also love December coz we get all those lovely sunsets, without heat haze, just stunning to say the least and on some days those invigorating walks along costal paths on stormy days, and the spray from the white horses, refreshing your smile.  Meanwhile the aura of the Mediterranean is a natural source of Iodine, really good for the immune system btw

Cyprus, October 2021

Anyway, as I was saying, Indian summer, beach ’til Christmas, topping up the tan, sounds good to me … and, we hear there’s frost in Europe, sounds even better, haha, suffer , and, as in Cyprus, we live for the table!, dining outside in October is heaven, hey, why else do we live here?  And, on that note, there’s enough restaurants open in our Eating Out category to choose a different cuisine every day for a fortnight! ... And if you're organising your wedding click here ...

August 2021

Don’t forget it’s school holiday’s so loads of little’ns around too, and it’s too hot to do much except chill, but there’s so much to do and so little time, hmm ? … try searching ‘Kids & Grown Ups on our website … but let’s start you off with a visit to Ocean Aquarium Park in Protaras for a lovely day out with the kids … 

August 2020

August of course is normally peak season, so expect it to get a bit busier on the coast, partly because pretty much the whole of Cyprus’ commerce and industry shuts down for about 3 weeks in August, it’s not worth trying to work coz if it gets to over 40°C in the workplace, the unions pull out the staff, and it’s definitely gonna be over 40°C, so they might as well close down for three weeks, but of course, it's a nightmare coz you can’t get anything done lol … no probs, as we say in Cyprus 'Avrion' it’s the Cypriots favourite word, but I'm sure you'll witness an occasional pull your hair out moment lol ...

The Nuts of Your Dreams, Old Town Paphos

The setting is a beautiful environment, the historic, Ibrahims Khan, old market style, alleys in all directions, everywhere you look unique designs, interesting workshops and activities.  Architecturally it’s stunning, delectable use of stone, metal, walled gardens and an outdoor theatre area.  A natural shopaholics heaven, with exquisite handmade artefacts, mosaics, jewellery, carpentry and tasty delights, oh and The Honey Restaurant … ho hum!

December 2019

Oh, and if you think it’s quiet in December let’s not forget, it’s time for work’s parties, warm-up for Christmas Parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties and Fancy Dress parties and lots of Christmas markets, festivals, live gigs and naturally we’ll all be getting together with family and friends, to eat too much, drink too much, and with a bit of luck enjoy a little sex on the beach ? … calm down, it’s just a cock tale