Car & Bike Hire


It’s always touring season !
Renting a car is easy and it’s still very reasonably priced.  In fact it’s a must, as there are some wonderful sights to see, both historical and natural.  Known as ‘Z’ Cars, as they carry a red number plate prefixed with the letter ‘Z’, which actually works to your benefit, as far as the cops are concerned 😉  The Choice ranges from the short legged, family economy saloons to luxury convertibles and patrols that seat two families.  If you decide to venture off road, especially in the Troodos mountains, or the Akamas, 4 Wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended and often essential !

Most petrol stations have service attendants to assist you during the day, mostly closing at 18:00 Monday to Friday and 14:00 on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.  However out of working hours, weekends and holidays they are equipped with petrol vending machines, which will accept bank notes and credit cards, and should have one air-fill working.

Bike Hire
Cyprus is also a great place for Motorbike hire, as we have almost perfect weather for this leisure activity and naturally it’s easier to park a bike, especially in the town centres. The choice varies from the increasingly popular Scooters (cum’on you mods), to Quads, the new craze buggies, big ‘f.o’ sports bikes, and ‘rocker style’ cruisers.  If you’re the exploring type, go for an ‘Off Road Bike’, as there are some wonderful sights to see by taking almost any turning off road, but take care, as the roads are very bumpy and seem to go on for miles into the wilderness.

Here’s a few who offer special prices to What’s On readers …