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Ayia Napa
Monday, January 17, 2022

April 2015

March 2018

Spring is in the Air It's March, my favourite month ! ... mainly coz it's spring, hmm, I’m already topping up my tan with temperatures...

June 2020

The current Covid Crises has hit us all hard, throwing us into a sci-fi film set back in March, we’re now on 'Take 82', and tbh, I think the Cyprus Government got it right … They reacted very quickly, rumour has it from a little inside tip from one of our Chinese investors … They attacked the pandemic with the only possible solution, ‘To Slow it Down’ … then using experts in Epidemiology they mathematically calculated when things would get back to normal’ish … and we’ve lifted restrictions in travel, no more SMS messages to go out, no more curfew, we’re allowed to swim in the sea and top up the tan after, and the restaurants and bars are opening and it seems people are getting together with friends, so please pop out and give these guys some support, they need it most now!!!

October 2016

At last it's October, my favourite month, mainly coz its Autumn, the long hot summer has come to an end, or has it? ......

Cyprus, September 2021

Another reason I love September is we move into low season from about 5th and with the kids back at school, it’s time for the younger and older couples and groups of single friends and work colleagues to take their summer hols, eating out more, drinking just as much and going home early for one reason or another?, and so everyone is walking around with smiles on their faces, which is very infectious … so everyone is happy! … tbh, it’s said that more money is spent here in September than any other month and so the finale to the season is usually a good one! … and boy, don’t we need it!

Cyprus, July 2017

of course it's high summer, the cold water isn't cold enough, the temperature will reach over 40²C by mid July

November 2019

It’s the season for exhibitions and festivals and summer closing parties and winter opening parties and if you think Cyprus is dead, you should look again … sure it’s quieter than the summer, and many bars and clubs closed early this year, doubling up their Halloween Party with their closing party, any excuse to get rid of all the booze in stock, lol ... and, if I hear you say there's nothing to do, I'll put you on the next flight home ...

April 2021

tbh I believe Cyprus will have a good year, firstly because we are up there in the top 5 countries on the way we handled the covid ‘pandemic’, well after all it’s a Greek word so we should know how to handle it … and secondly, because with over 20 million Europeans normally travelling to Spain, Portugal and Italy I imagine a few of them will opt to come to paradise instead …

June 2015

It's June, my favourite month ... mainly because its really summer now!, the days are getting hotter and longer, sunrise about 5.30 am with...

September 2015

It's september and one things for sure, this is my favourite month, honest ! ... I can't believe it's here already, the summer has...

June 2019

... and it's still not dark by 8.30 pm, the sea is now officially warm enough for the locals to get in and the quilt came off a week ago so we're sleeping under a sheet for the next few months, oh and as we come to the end of strawberry season, in comes the pipless watermelons, with a slice of fresh Halloumi for breakfast, hmm, we're so spoilt in paradise!
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