16.4 C
Ayia Napa
Sunday, January 29, 2023

Saint’s Days in Cyprus

Saint Antony of Padua, was aka Anthony the Great, makes sense, he was also the patron saint of the poor, ha that covers it! ... but occasionally, the patron saint of sailors, fishermen and of travelers, and priests.  Although he was most known as the patron saint of the recovery of lost items .... haha or forgotten items in my case!

Bank & Public Holidays 2023

... It's the day we all go out to the fields and light BBQ's and stop eating meat 'til that lovely BBQ Lamb, 49 days later on Easter Sunday 16th April ... oh and, they fall on any day here, so with 5 Mondays and 1 Friday, on the calendar, we'll get 6 long weekends this year! ... I'd better stock up on the charcoal!

December 2022

On that note did you know that the aura of the Mediterranean is a natural source of Iodine, perfect for the immune system?

Tasos Kefalas Veterinary Clinic, Paralimni

Providing a professional and qualified veterinary service in comfortable surroundings at their new clinic on 1st April Avenue in Paralimni ... Tasos and Maria Kefalas and the team are so passionate about animals they treat each and every pet as their own, with home and emergency visits available when required ...

September 2022

As many of you know September really is my favourite month … Those long hot, balmy, days and sticky nights, turn into not quite so hot days, with breezy cooler evenings, much as the temperatures will remain in the 30°C’s, in the shade, that’s well over 90°F in English.  However, the cold water still won't be cold enough, but at least we can start sleeping without the aircon on!

Morning Glory on The Yellow Submarine

It's a short trip to the Seacaves where he moor's up and then dives in and starts off the underwater show ... Then they'll let you swim into one cave and out another before the cliff jumping! ... Every time I go on this trip it's different, except at the end, everyone gets off smilling! Highly recommended! Check out our Live Videos here 

The Trail to Caledonia Waterfalls, Troodos Mountains

Louise was on the 'You are Here Map' ... and directed us towards the country trail to the waterfalls ... this trail crosses the stream several times, now with wooden bridges to help, as last time I went, there were no bridges so you had to take your shoes off and get your toes wet ...

August 2022

It’s probably gonna hit well over 50°C in the direct sun, so for those of us working its horrible!  Imagine Nicosia at lunchtime, not a good idea, and that’s why the majority of the residents of Nicosia are on the coast.  Just watch, as sophisticated, cosmopolitan, trendy, Nicosia spills down to the coast and mixes with the pure party crew, the result inevitably is electric!, which btw, is why August might secretly be my favourite month.

The Festival of The Flood, aka Kataklysmos

one of the most popular customs and arguably the most fun is a joyful procession to the sea, where people sprinkle and often throw water over each other, symbolising the purification of the body as well as the soul ... Hmm, I’m taking a bucket with me !

Extended Villa Offers in Ayia Napa & Protaras by Artisan Homes

These extended villa offers are often as not due to cancellations or change of plans … the tail end of the recent pandemic a big part of that, but I love a special offer and I'm sure you do to … Here's the current options …
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