Design Flowers by Maria Vamvatsouli, Paphos

Design Flowers by Maria, Paphos, Established 2013

Natural Flair
I love finding people passionate about their business!  Maria has an amazing passion for flowers and is totally in love with flower arranging, and I have to say she has a natural flair for art.  Graduating in Interior Design in Athens Maria chose Holland to complete her training in flower arranging, she also regularly attends floral seminars and lectures to stay in tune with the latest techniques and fashions.

Bouquets for All
Moving into her new premises recently, now the showroom is over 150 sq metres of flowers and plants and accessories on show.  But, this lady excels when it comes to presentation … Flower arranging is an art, to Maria its 20 years experience in a whole new world and Maria has that natural creative flair to get it right for every occasion, each design a little different, with a personal touch just for you !

Birthday Parties
Maria takes Birthday Parties to another level.  Adding to her flower arrangements, Balloons, Helium Filled Balloons, Pots and Stands, Lanterns, Candles, Ribbons and Bows to make your party venue really special.

It’s always nice to receive flowers to celebrate a special occasion.  Whether it’s Happy Birthday.  Congratulation on the Birth of your gorgeous daughter, Happy Anniversary, Kalo Pascha, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Valentines Day or you just want to brighten up their day.  Just say it with flowers !

Home & Office Decorating
Maria will also dress up your home or office for Easter, Christmas or any special occasion using natural fresh flowers or a mix with artificial flowers and many beautifully, hand made, original accessories.

Maria’s favourite art is ‘Wedding Arrangements’.  Everything from the bridal bouquet to the petals scattered along the isle and of course the head table at the reception.  Adorning gorgeous Pots and Plants and natural, freshly cut flowers, dressed to compliment the bride and bridesmaids …

Maria will also hand craft accessories, bracelets and ornaments for unique gifts or hand engrave your design onto Champagne Glasses which I can only describe as a glass tattooist, really, she’s just amazing !

Balloon Surprises
Filling a Helium Balloon with a present inside is a novel way to give a gift or catch the element of surprise.  Maria can put almost anything inside a balloon as long as it won’t break the balloon even a teddy bear !!! … She fell in love with this idea, her surprise from her boyfriend was an engagement ring, what’s yours ?

Flowers First
Speaking, English, Greek and Russian, with over twenty years experience in interior design and floral arrangements, Maria offers an extensive selection of services, delivered always on time with an extraordinary passion and creative flair and of course a smile !

Open All Year
Summer: 9 am ’til 1 pm and 4 pm ’til 7 pm
Winter: 9 am ’til 1 pm and 3 pm ’til 6 pm

You’ll find Maria’s new shop at 33, Zinas Kanther, Chlorakas, 8221 Paphos … It’s about 200 metres from the Main Church in the centre of Chloraka and about 500 metres before Papandoniou Supermarket, Chloraka …

Go on … Say it with flowers !

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