Ocean Aquarium Park, Protaras

Ocean Aquarium, Protaras, Paralimni, Established 1999

Into Nature
As the great Albert Einstien said, “look deeper into nature then you will experience everything better” … so, on returning from a holiday to Thailand where he visited an Aquarium, Marine Biologist, Nicos, owner of this wonderful park, got all the family together and they all agreed, so they opened the wonderful Ocean Aquarium Park in 1999.

Something Different
I remember when they first opened just after we launched our magazine, I was so pleased to see something different for our visitors and schools … Situated not too far from Protaras in the Ayia Triada area is this wonderful plot of over 12,500 square metres of gardens, enclosures, ponds, and over 50 aquariums, kept impeccably clean because general manager Georgios Goumenos, an old friend and my excellent guide during my visit, is, btw a complete Hygiene freak.

George showed me around the grounds explaining; “You can learn so much about marine life here, and rivers and swamps and the Penguins, the first ever in the Mediterranean region, naturally kept comfortable in the appropriate climate controlled environment”.  Just watching one of their videos I amazingly learned that all Gold Fish don’t have stomachs, so they have to keep eating, which means you should feed them small amounts 5 times a day, probably why I was never successful keeping one, but now I know!

Discover the Deep
There are literally hundreds of species from all over the world, kept passionately by a crew that love fish and all living things, that care about the environment and everything in it and they have experience and knowledge to be able to tell you about them.  One of my favourites is the Giant Spider Crabs normally found 300 metres deep off the Japanese coastline or the Dusky Groper that starts off female and changes to male as it grows up … makes sense, lol … and then admire the gorgeous colours of the tropical coral fish.

Within the newly renovated grounds, there’s a variety of traditional and exotic plants and trees and a Duck pond, Nile crocodiles, Turtles, Green Monkeys, Raccoons, and an array of bird life to mention but a few and a new children’s playground with the lovely renovated restaurant come coffee lounge area, that sells really good food at a very reasonable prices, oh and ice cold drinks, hot and cold coffees and Ice Cream …

They’ve also just added a small Marine Museum, the centerpiece an old traditional fishing boat, George glided his hand over it explaining “these are almost non-existent as the big four companies are putting the little fishermen out of business, sad but true, so here we will dedicate these exhibits to them!”.

Gift Shop
Before you leave you must pop into their lovely gift shop selling everything from Beach Bags to Coral Reef and Mugs to Natural Sponges, and lots of little unique gifts, so please pop in and at least grab a fridge magnet as you’ll be helping them to look after the park and all these amazing creatures.

The grounds are very well kept and are fast becoming an alternative venue to hold a birthday party, wedding, corporate or special event, from tying the knot to turning it into a nightclub and providing the catering to suit, pop down and take a look and for more info give them a call … oh and Group Booking get Special Discounts 😉

Open all year
April to October
Daily: 10 am ’til 6 pm
November to March
Daily: 9 am ’til 4 pm

You’ll find them at 19, Cavo Greco Avenue, Paralimni, close to the Kapparis and Ayia Triada roundabout … See map below … Sometimes I just go because it’s so calming looking at fish … good for the soul …

Discover the wonders of the deep … and the shallows!