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Fellow Creative
I’ve known Andreas for many years, a friend of my son’s he often popped around to enjoy an exotic flavour with Alex and a few friends.  A fellow creative, with a passion for his art, I was really pleased when he opened his first Tattoo Studio in Pernera and after I caught up with him at the ArtFest 2019, I finally got a chance to pop in for a chat.

Tattoo Art
A fellow Londoner by birth, Andreas moved to Cyprus at the age 2 … he’s always been into Illustration, and he said: “it just seemed natural that I’d end up a Tattooist”, so after school, he studied Tattoo Art in Nicosia and has been applying his ink professionally for over 8 years now … attending this year’s ArtFest and Andreas said he’ll also be at next years Annual Cyprus Tattoo Convention too!

How Deep?
I asked Andreas why he called his studio Deep Ink, he corrected me, Deep Ink, Pernera, coz he said he intends to open up in other cities in the future … then explained Deep is not just in the Ink it’s in the thought I put into my art when creating the design, taking into consideration, what part of the body it’s going to go and the other tattoos around it and most importantly adding something deeper to make it unique …

Custom Designs
Andreas prefers to Ink in Black & Grey and if you prefer Colour, with literally hundreds of Flash designs to choose from, in Japanese Style, Geometric, Dot Work, Mandala, Animal Portraits and of course custom designs, coz Andreas can illustrate freestyle, and on that note he’s pretty cool on Photoshop too .. and Andreas often invites guest tattooists if you’re looking for something really special like a family portrait.

Mixing Styles
I love Andreas’ unique style, he describes it as a mix of Old Skool, Grey Dot and Semi-realistic … explaining he prefers Black & Grey coz it doesn’t fade as quickly as colour and it’s more realistic and it heals quicker and he says “I love it”!

Health & Safety
Naturally, Andreas follows all health and safety policies, everything is fully sterilised,  only using disposable Needles and Grips and provides aftercare advice and creams … I watched as he did a quick initial on a couple, making sure they knew the name of the ornate font, for future additions …

Body Piercing
Assisted by the other Andreas, Deep Ink also provides a selection of Piercings for all parts of the body, so pop in for a look at their rings, bars and accessories and while you’re there book an appointment.

So if you are looking to get your first tattoo, fancy an alternative souvenir of Cyprus, just an initial, or a full sleeve, pop in to have a chat with Andreas and get some really cool ideas … oh. btw the word has spread quickly and Andreas gets clients coming back from Cyprus all the way to Scandinavia and everywhere in between.

Kids & Grownups
Naturally, you have to prove you’re old enough to have a Tattoo … oh, btw, if you’re with your mum. there’s a cool video machine with all the old games on if you’re in the mood for a little nostalgia.

Open Long Summer Season
April ’til October
Daily: 12 noon ’til 10pm
Out of Season: by appointment only

You’ll find Deep Ink @ 60, Pernera Street, it’s in the heart of Pernera, just a few metres down from Speedy Gonzales Mexican Restaurant and about 5 minutes drive from Protaras.

When art comes naturally, its a passion!

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Open Long Summer Season
April 'til October
Daily: 12 noon 'til 10pm
Off Season: By Appointment only

You'll find Deep Ink @ 60, Perneras in the heart of Pernera, just a few metres down from Speedy Gonzales Mexican Restaurant ...

Tel: 0035796577089