Pyrgos Fireworks, Cyprus


Biggest & Best
I can’t think of a better way to highlight a party or special event than a firework display! … Pyrgos Fireworks has been helping us do just that in Cyprus for over 30 years … tbh, they are the largest fireworks company in Cyprus, with the biggest team of fully trained pyrotechnicians, and they are the only fireworks company in Cyprus that imports and stores legally branded quality terrestrial and aerial fireworks from the most reliable European manufacturers in Italy and Spain.

I met up with the owner Nicos Pyrgos for a chat, and it soon became obvious that this guy has exceptional knowledge about fireworks … after all, his father Marios launched the company back in 1986, laughing, Nicos said, “I’ve got gunpowder in my veins”! … ha! my type of man! … oh, and as the official Fireworks provider for the Cyprus Government and all its municipalities, you know they’re a company you can trust to do the job professionally.

Remember, Remember
A pyromaniac myself, I’ve always loved fireworks, ever since I was a kid and every year just before 5th November we would go ‘penny for the guying’ in town to help us buy boxes and boxes of fireworks to compliment the huge bonfire we built at the end of our road … but you can’t beat an organised display, many of the big displays I’ve been to are unforgettable, as the finale of all finales always ends better if they finish in a spectacular explosion of colourful sparkles!  check out their YouTube Channel for some cool ideas.

Over a nice Cypriot coffee, Nicos explained about the firework laws in Cyprus, saying “all big displays are Government controlled” … explaining; “Ground Firework Displays do not require a licence, but Aerial Displays must attain a licence, and each event must be cleared with various departments including the air traffic control at both airports and for an aerial display, you need to apply for the licence at least two weeks before your event”.

On Stage
Nicos told me they are the only company that provide special stage effects and indoor fireworks by Le Maitre,  for that wow factor during performances on stage in theatres, live music festivals, and carnivals around the country, oh, and on boat trips and in the army bases and following fashion, more than an occasional wedding reception.  They also have extra little surprises like confetti or rose petal blowers, exploding balloons, dry ice, and low fog to mention but a few …

One of their favourite requests is to help you celebrate your wedding day saying that you can even choose your favourite colours for the fireworks and for weddings, every bride’s favourite is silver and gold … Here’s a link to their Facebook Videos 

Specialising in Pyro-Musical Firework Displays, where you choose the music and they’ll create a firework display to compliment it … check out their awesome display to the music of Thunderstruck by AC/DC at Coral Bay Beach in November 2019 …

Open all year
Daily: 8 am ’til 7 pm

With several offices in Cyprus, give them a call to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and wishes and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a display to suit your budget and can be confident that you’ll get a professional service that’s unbeatable!

Light up the skies at your event!

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