The Nuts of Your Dreams, Old Town Paphos

Nuts of Your Dreams, Old Town Paphos, Established 2014

I can’t help myself, the curiosity of a really cool name, urged me to pop in to meet George and Stephanie Gavriel at ‘Ton Oneiron oi Karpoi’ which loosely translated is ‘The Nuts of Your Dreams’, … It’s a little hidden treasure in the centre of Paphos, from the outside it looks delightful, old stone buildings, fully renovated, sails connecting roofs, creating shade and shadows, and as you walk into this shop you’ll be in healthy fruit and nut heaven.

The setting is a beautiful environment, the historic, Ibrahims Khan, old market style, alleys in all directions, everywhere you look unique designs, interesting workshops and activities.  Architecturally it’s stunning, delectable use of stone, metal, walled gardens and an outdoor theatre area.  A natural shopaholics heaven, with exquisite handmade artefacts, mosaics, jewellery, carpentry and tasty delights, oh and The Honey Restaurant … ho hum!

Family Affair
The business was originally launched many years ago by Charalambos ‘Tsivikos’ a connoisseur of ‘Nuts’ and famous for his wealth of knowledge … Stephanie grew up in this world of nuts, and went on to study 3D Patisserie, and just wait til you see her cakes, they’re absolutely amazing … George, aptly studied Philosophy and Psychology.  Together; Stephanie’s fond childhood memories, and their drive to help make the world a healthier place, is what eventually persuaded this young couple to give it a go, and together Stephanie and hubby George decided to continue the family affair.

Specialising in a massive selection of nuts from all over the world, my fav the salted cashew nuts, made with love and always sooo fresh, but the amazing Dried Natural Sugarless Fruits are just a taste bud explosion, made by hand using a process of dehydration, through which heat treatment is avoided and the fruits original structure does not break down, keeping the precious ingredients and flavours intact with no added sugar … The Dried Strawberries are just Mmm!, and the Ginger, wow!

Natural Osmosis
This speciality process in contrast to the conventional method, extends the life time of products up to 18 months, making them, as ‘most functional’ for the food industry.  The comparison effect for consumers is to understand it’s very important, choosing ‘first sorting fruit’ carefully, and then ‘no preservatives’ are used to provide only the finest dried fruits.

Greek Delicacies
The selection of local and Greek foods is impeccable to say the least; Famous for their Sykopites Loukoumi with fresh fruit, authentic honey with thyme made with the traditional recipe from generation to generation, or maybe a Cypriot breakfast with oats and super-food almonds and banana, a wake-up call of flavours, oh and they sell the most delicious and fresh, crunchy, Ssioussioúkkos, the cutest I’ve ever tasted!

Just wait ‘til you taste the ‘Antroukliá’ handmade without sugar! … Antroukliá is a tree, located at an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level in the Troodos Mountains, in colder climate and hence protected from global environment!, oh, and you must try The Pine Honey, dried Aloe from the inside of the leaf, the fillet of aloe vera plant, just amazing!

Oak Honey is also a refreshing product, a skin cleanser, a treatment for anaemia, a supplement for poor children’s development and helps with memory.  It is also a treatment for a number of chronic diseases, such as kidney infections, throat, and lungs.  I have to say their Honeycombed Honey is just a sweet tooth explosion!

A Nice Cuppa
Tea is the best drink of the day, and here you’ll be spoilt for choice …. Hibiscus, Strawberry, Thyme, mixed herbs, Chamomile, Ginseng, and my fave the Forest Fruits.  I’ve always got a selection at home.

Thyme Honey
Is an astringent, slightly sedative and sleeping herb, with astringent properties. It acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory especially in the urinary system.  The beverage of the plant acts positively on the stones formed in the urinary system, reducing kidney colic, chronic cystitis and swelling.  It also helps in problems with gastritis of digestive fluids, gut, diarrhoea and liver and gallbladder diseases.  Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to reduce nervous hyper-stimulation, nervous exhaustion and insomnia.

Fir Tree & Pine Honey
Polysaccharide, tyranózē, has been scientifically proven to increase the life of cells, the enzyme diastase or amylase, which breaks down starch.  It’s very rich in trace elements, and vitamins and is one of the best options for stimulating the body.  Plus, natural antibiotic substances, which it contains to a large extent, have the effect of making it a protection shield for the body against various diseases.  It’s also used as a diuretic, and antiseptic of the urinary system as well as in cases of mild infections of the bronchi.  The calories included in Arbutin Honey are less than other honeys due to the low rate of glucose and sugar and hence consists of diet cases as well as for Type B Diabetics.

The couple also have a wonderful selection of cheeses, my faves blended with cranberries, the dried flowers a taste bud explosion, delectable with olives, but the chestnut cheese is unique and my absolute fave is the summer truffles, omg!!! … and to compliment the cheese board there’s cold cut meats and wines! btw, Their kefalotyri is yummy! … Now, the Strawberry Dessert and Strawberry Jam Champagne, omg, you guys are incredible! once you put it in your mouth it just becomes a feast of taste and aroma! … Oh, and do try one of their Platters and maybe a glass …

It’s never too early to pop in here to grab a bottle of their speciality wines.  One of my favourites Immersed Assyrtiko of Gaia Wine which comes from the traditional assyrtiko variety of Santorini, and it is the only wine in Greece that aged under the sea surface. In 2011, five hundred bottles remained at the bottom of Santorini, bottled at a depth of 25 meters until 2016, when they were prepared to be presented to wine lovers … and if you’re looking for an excellent port style aperative, you must try the 1981 Vintage Commandaria by Keo made in Paphos.  Oh, and last time i was there I tried a shot of The Donkey Milk blended with Vanilla, omg! hmm, I had to have two 😉

George and Stephanie, hold many seasonal events; for example at Easter and Christmas, where you can make up your own Gift Baskets, with an endless selection of goodies, a lovely little idea for someone special, and you must check out Stephanie’s 3D Birthday Cakes, just brilliant!!! … oh, and The Integrated Candy Tables for birthdays, baptisms, weddings and all kinds of special events …

The Chocolate Factory
Last year, just before Christmas they hosted ‘The Chocolate Factory’, an unforgettable chocolate day, for kids and grownups, with music and dance program, it’s a day filled with absolutely massive Chocolate fountains, chocolate drinks, lots of chocolates, crepes, donuts, cookies, sweets, food, drinks and more chocolate!  I loved the Christmas tree, the handmade tulips and magnets, paintings, decorations, and you can learn how to make Truffles, mmm and much, much more … oh, and Barney is usually there to take photos with the kids.

Healthy Living
This really is a wonderful world of natural fruits, nuts, speciality foods, oils, sweets and chocolates, all made by hand using natural local products, and made with a passion, that’s truly a family affair … all credit cards are accepted and look out for special offers on things like Black Friday.

Open all Year
12 noon ‘til 2 pm & 3 pm ‘til 8 pm
A little more sporadic … hmm

You’ll find them at Ibrahims Khan Market , 40 Constantinou Canari, Old Town, 8010, Paphos with Ample free parking available … … See Map below …
GPS: 34.778703, 32.420535

Flavours that create dreams of another time!

By Kyp Paraskava, Paphos

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