Premier Laundry Services Ltd., Protaras

Premier Laundry Services Ltd., Protaras, Established 2019

Keep it Clean
I was invited by Chris for a chat about their Laundry Service in Protaras, on arrival I realised the set up was impressive and very well thought out.  The laundry, next door to Premier Property Management.  I had to ask?  Chris said “my mum and dad, Ron and Sue, first visited Cyprus 14 years ago, just two weeks later they decided to move here and it wasn’t long before they launched their property management services and a bit of pool cleaning”.

Family Affair
A few years later, Chris from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire was made redundant, he decided to come and see what his parents were doing and ended up moving here to help out the business which at that time was managing around 20 properties.  Chris said “We were just managing some and just cleaning pools in others and we kept it a family affair doing everything ourselves”.

Chris continued; “My parents moved back to the UK in 2017 but returned in 2019 and we decided to stay and offer full services taking on a qualified team to help us to offer professional; Full House Cleaning, Maintenance, Pool Cleaning, Rentals and Laundry Services.  We soon picked up a good reputation and word of mouth spread quick, next thing you know we were looking after over 120 clients, private and commercial”

Start Washing
Chris continued; We quickly realised there wasn’t a professional laundry service in the Protaras area and decided to invest in some quality machines 6kg, 12kg up to 24kg and specialise on offering a full laundry and dry cleaning service at an affordable price.  So we rented an apartment and started our laundry service there initially just aimed at the area’s tourists, using quality 6kg machines, eco friendly powders and conditioners, offering a same day service for wash, dry and fold”.

They soon invested more on specialised energy efficient equipment, 9 Washing machines, 3 Speciality Cleaners and 6 dryers and now have the ability to wash almost everything, from Tablecloths to Wedding Suits and Wedding Dresses, which are often covered in crystals and maybe a little red wine, an art in itself.

Soft Wash
This is where this company stand out ahead of the others.  One, of only two laundries in the area that specialise in Soft Wash aka Wet Cleaning, it’s the modern version of Dry Cleaning.  Chris said “We care about the environment, using specialised Eco-Friendly products, specifically imported from Germany that provide an ecological alternative to Dry Cleaning that use those harsh chemicals”.  He mentioned, “This new style of wash, in particular protects delicate items such as silk and wool”.

Naturally they also clean rugs on their premises.  Utilising professional equipment and dry foam techniques, they are able to clean the dirtiest of rugs with gentle care, making them look as new as the day they were bought.  They can clean most rugs, as long as it fits on their rug pit to a maximum of 2.8 meters wide.

I saw this machine on the wall and enquired what it was, Chris beamed with a smile and proclaimed “it’s ozone”.  I needed more information, what is ozone?  Chris went on to say “this is the technology that hospitals use to provide a thorough disinfection and a deep clean.  The machine injects o3 aka ozone into the water fill of the machine and it straight away starts to attack stains and removes 99.9% bacteria, perfect during Covid times.  The benefit of using ozone is that we can lower our carbon footprint by using less chemicals and using colder water than before.

They also offer a commercial service looking after many local restaurants, cafe’s and bars that have matching table cloths, restaurant uniforms, security or police uniforms and your hotel’s staff uniforms and they are now consistently increasing their client portfolio.

I asked Chris, “with so much on and so many clients to look after don’t you ever loose any socks?  I was very impressed when Chris said “every client brings in a bag of washing, that bag immediately gets given a Bar Code, that Barcode is linked to the various bar codes on the machines that we use to wash our clients clothing in and we don’t mix our clients clothes, so that way eliminating any risk of even a sock going missing”

Collection & Delivery App
I’ve never seen this in Cyprus before so it may be the first, but they actually have an app, that you can download from Apple or Android, you can pick a collection and delivery day and their van will be there when you ask.  Delivery is free for orders over €20, otherwise it’s a €1.50 charge

I have to say the whole set up is very impressive to say the least and I know where I’ll be taking my laundry if my machines at home breaks.

Open all year
Monday to Friday: 8 am ’til 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am ’til 5pm
Monday to Friday: 9 am ’til 5 pm
Saturday: 8am ’til 3pm
Closed on Sundays
All credit cards accepted

Premier offer a free collection and delivery service in the surrounding area but you can pop in and drop your wash off and they are always there to give you advise if needed .  You’ll find them at 320, Protaras to Cape Greco Road, Protaras, opposite Woodies Inn and Sweet Memories Hotel
GPS: 35.020378, 34.041739

Affordable & Efficient Laundry Services!

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