Nicosia aka Lefkosia


The Capital is Always worth a visit!

Lefkosia or Nicosia, to us die hard’s, lies at the centre of the island, in the Mesaoria Plain, flanked by the northern range of mountains.  A charming city with a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age, it only became the capital in the 11th century AD, when the Lusignans turned it into a magnificent city with a Royal Palace, over fifty churches and today it blends its historic past brilliantly with the bustle of a modern cosmopolitan city.

Must sees
The heart of the city, enclosed by 16th Century Venetian walls, is dotted with museums, ancient churches, and medieval buildings preserving the nostalgic atmosphere of years’ past.  Unfortunately, this old heart is still split in two, leaving Nicosia the only capital city in the world to remain divided by force, and a glimpse at no-mans’ land in-between the free city and occupied north is really daunting.

Other ‘must sees’ include Famagusta Gate, one of three historic entrances to the city, which today is used as a cultural centre.  Through the Gate lies Laiki Yitonia, an old section, lovingly restored to a typical example of old Cypriot urban architecture.  You can wind your way through narrow stone streets where crimson flowers cascade from window pots and the aroma of traditional baking wafts through open doorways.  Here, explore jewellery and handicraft shops, sip coffee alfresco, or dine in charming tavernas.

For history and art …
Make your way to the Cyprus Museum, which holds the island’s priceless treasures from the Neolithic Age through to the Roman period.  At the Byzantine Museum, a dazzling collection of early Christian icons from the Mediterranean’s Golden Age and on a newer perspective, the State Collection of Contemporary Art on Leoforos Stasinou and Kritis, focuses on Cyprus’ modern artists.

New Nicosia …
Outside the old city walls, the town is continually developing into a contemporary and cosmopolitan business, fashion, and cultural centre.  Yet, nightlife is huge, and here the sophisticated element comes to life, with parties all over the place and events with Europe’s top DJ’s mixing their thing to over 5000 clubbers.

Whilst only a few miles away lay enchanting places of interest such as Byzantine monasteries, archaeological sites, and charming villages in the foothills of Troodos, and remarkably at the same time, the centre offers everything from haute couture to quaint boutiques and craft shops.  You name it … It’s here!

Why not book a room for a night and check out the capital?