Sunset Boulevard
Also known as Pafos, it’s quite a way up the west coast, where the sun turns into a big red doorknob as it sets into the Med … it’s the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, marked by her temple at Kouklia, built by the Mycenaean in the 12th Century BC.

Today it holds a character that portrays its history, right down to the exquisite mosaics that are among the most beautiful in the world, and some of the world’s largest and richest burial chambers at Tombs of The Kings, now a tourist area in its own right, as it stretches some 8 kms or 5 miles in English, up to Coral Bay, slowly but surely filling the gaps, pointing to where Paphos is inevitably heading.

It’s a Brit’s favourite …
So much so, there’s over 17,000 ex-pats living here, not including the Aussie’s, Souff African and British born Cypriots, who have all brought their obvious abilities and talents to provide you with everything from themed pubs and eateries to beauticians, watersports, zany high speed boat rides, coming out of an otherwise tranquil harbour, shaded by the old castle, boasting quay side eateries and Fish Tavernas serving today’s catch or maybe be a little more adventurous at an awesome karting centre, with one of the best circuits’ I’ve ever seen, it’s even got a bridge and a tunnel !

Top hotels are in tune, with all year round facilities, from the indoor heated pools to excellent sports facilities to exquisite luxurious spas. Mostly set along the coast of Kato aka lower Paphos, known as the ‘tourist area’ and hence providing all the basic needs, from supermarkets, hundreds of bars, restaurants of every cuisine to a never ending stream of souvenir and fashion shopping.

The old town
Starts with Arch Makarios lll Avenue, leading you to the covered market, via shops, cafes and tavernas, quaint little side roads with handmade craft shops, natural health products, artists and indie designers and boutiques, stretching up and out to the home maker’s haven.

This place just oozes history …
It’s almost completely surrounded by places to visit and things to do.  The choice of beaches, stretch all the way up to the Akamas, which by the way is tranquility to the extreme, and to which endless boat cruises and jeep safaris will gladly take you.  There are also four golf courses to get in a round, and I mean golf 😉 … crown green bowls, and excellent sports facilities for out of season training.

Up in the hills, once peaceful old villages have been renovated to provide the endless stream of new residents somewhere to live as well as the obvious amount of newly developed properties.

As for nightlife, Paphos leads the way, as it’s unrivaled for top entertainment with fantastic live bands, tributes, alternative acts like an awesome hypnotist show.  Whilst the tempo gears up along the sea front and down the pedestrianised St. Antonio Street, aka Nightlife Street, or even Bar Street, where the pre-club party crew go, you’ll find everything from traditional British pubs and themed bars, eateries, to a few night clubs boasting top DJs much towards it’s mirrored town up on the east coast Ayia Napa …

If you’re into history, don’t wanna sit by the pool all day, but want a good nightlife …

This is the only place to be!