Hair & Beauty


This is of course, the Goddess Aphrodite’s Island and what else would you expect but a first class selection of hair and beauty centres …

So ladies, and gents for that matter, you can find everything from a quick blow dry, colouring, extensions, facials, waxes, and full on spa treatments, and with massage starting from about 15.00 euros, it really is pure bliss!

In Cyprus you’ll find excellently qualified and fully experienced hairdressers and beauticians from all over Europe to keep you looking just that little bit more special …

And just in case you have ever considered cosmetic surgery; it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but today it is also in the hands of our plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dental surgeons and beauticians.

Specialising in rhinoplasty aka nose surgery, eye surgery, face lifts and breast reconstruction as well as eyelid surgery, and liposuction, plastic surgeons also do extensive surgery after trauma for road traffic accidents and birth defects etc., and now with the new computer imaging techniques the patient can see before the operation how he/she will look after the surgery. For more information about ridiculously lower costing prices then other parts of Europe contact your local clinic.