Sanctuary Fitness Studio, Paralimni

Sanctuary Fitness Studio, Paralimni, Established 2022

First Impressions
Ladies, it was the name that first grabbed my attention, and the really cool graphics on the facia, black, white and magenta, What’s On’s colours … I love finding new cool places, and this one is just for the ladies, but I called Marina and asked if we could chat, then it just got better …

Professional Studio
As I walked in I immediately thought, ‘wow this place looks the business’, spacious, with
lots of mirrors, hanging fresh green plants, to increase the oxygen levels, above, a row of
impressive waterfilled Aqua Eyedrop Punch Bags, and along the back wall, a line of very
expensive ‘Stages’ Fitness Bikes of Amsterdam … I soon realised, I wasn’t wrong.

More Impressed
Marina comes from Bulgaria, but left at age 17, ending up in London, via a short time in
France where she gained a master’s degree in Science Politics, which I suppose gave her
a little good strategy and determination … Marina decided to follow her passion and also holds Diplomas at Level 2; Fitness Instructor, Level 3; Personal Trainer, Level 4; Diabetes and Obesity Trainer, Level 3; Anti-Natal and Post Natal … Marina also holds Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referal … and finally Level 3, KettleBell Master … Again, it gets better …

Les Mills Studio
Whilst in London Marina had a fitness studio, in Clapham, again specialising in female only
training and between 2016 & 2021 was a Personal Trainer in St. Pancras, Kings
Cross …

Getting You Ready
Marina can teach you Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance, she can train you for
a marathon, or the sprints, and she’ll help you get ready for any fitness competitions and
even more impressive, she boasts the only Licenced Les Mills Studio in the Famagusta area! check out their corporate Video here.

Marina explained; “We only opened in March, here it’s all about women’s fitness, at any level, any fitness, for any age, 17 up to and often over 50+ … Les Mills is perfect even if you just want to lose a few inches, or tone up a few muscles, its all about ‘Energy’ it’s everything, it’s a lifestyle” … she continued, “it’s up to you, whatever you want to achieve, we’ll help you get there”, she smiled, “in my studio in London I had a client swinging KettleBells at age 86”

Up a Level
With over 15 years experience I soon got the impression Marina was on another level
when it comes to fitness training; designing the studio’s interior herself with ideas
collated in her previous clubs and travels.  It’s spacious and bright, even the changing
rooms are very cool, with ‘make you feel like filmstar’ mirrors.

Marina explained, “we’re maybe a touch ‘upmarket’, and we have an extensive variety of
classes, and we’re very customer orientated; very personalised, asking ‘how you feel?’, ‘any
discomfort? ‘any injuries’? ‘nice weekend’? and of course after your training, ‘did you enjoy that?”

Les Mills Classes
Marina told me “We have Les Mills classes every day, and we separate groups into different levels …. We do BodyPump, a full body workout with weights included, BodyCombat, a mixed martial arts, and the latest, BodyBalance, a low-intensity new generation Yoga”.  “Then there’s the Les Mills Sprint, half the session conducted on the specialised bikes and btw, it’s very intensive”!

Kick Boxing
Every day ‘Stefka’, one of their instructors, takes a Mixed Martial Arts fitness session.  She’s qualified in Karate, Boxing, and Kick Boxing … and here the quality of boxing gloves, Aqua Eyedrop Punch Bags, and Pride Kick bags shine through, by reducing the strain on the arms, feet, joints and body.

With a Conscience
It was obvious Marina was well qualified to be here and I love people who follow their
passions and their dreams … Marina oozes professionalism with a conscience because
they’ll always ask you on your first visit, “when was the last time you did any exercise”?  and btw your first session here will only cost you €5 to see if you like it, before becoming a full member.

Good Hands
Ladies, I was very impressed with the level of professionalism here, from the studio
interior to the variety of classes, backed by exemplary qualifications, so you’ll be in
very good hands … why not pop in to have a chat, whatever your age, 17 plus.

Open All Year
Daily: 7.30 am ’til 8.30 pm
Saturday: 7.30 am ’til 1.00 pm
Closed Sundays

You’ll find Sanctuary at 48, Grivas Diginis Street, 5281, Paralimni … it’s slightly off the beaten track, almost next door to the Petrolina Petrol Station, sort of behind Kokkinos .. See Google Map below …
GPS: 35.041935, 33.979779

Get Fit, Feel Better,
Live Better, Live Well!

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