June 2016


It’s June, my favourite month … coz its really summer now ! . the days are getting hotter and longer, sunrise is about 5.30 am with temperatures well into the 30’s and its not getting dark ’til almost 8.30 pm and coz it’s weddings season, and we’re still the number one Country to get wed in Europe, why ? coz it’s not going to rain ’til at least September, everyone will be wearing sunglasses in your photos and of course because Cyprus is the Mythological Party Playground of the Mediterranean … Ho humm !

The 90 day club war will kick off any day now with all our clubs open and some massive DJ’s coming to spin their tunes . pretty much everything is up and running except for a few stragglers, so you’ll have a varied choice of bars, eateries and clubs, after parties, pool parties, boat trips, Jeep adventures, day trips, adventure sports, shop ’til you drop trips or if you’re more the lay back and relax type, sun loungers all over the place, mmmm!

You know, I’ve been here over 23 years collecting information and passing it on . Most of my recommendations are people that I’ve worked with and known for many years . I check out every place before I recommend them, I look for places that get it right, leaders in their field, or they’re passionate about their business or art, be it an artist, chef, restaurant owner, a bar that provides drinks offers, all the hospitality industry, or our hair and beauty or fitness salons, and even the local butchers … naturally I welcome all comments and personal recommendations …

Remember to hit the ‘More’ button, where of course you’ll find a little bit ‘More’ like a lovely wine lovers day trip to the mountains, we call ‘Driving You to Drink’, and a chance to learn The Lingo, using English phonetics, its as easy as ABG … or al’fa, vie’ta, gam’ma . but seriously, it’s the best way to learn enough to get by, more lessons coming soon or check out our facebook page …

So here’s a quick look at June …

The highlight of the month on Sunday 19th is Kataklysmos aka The Festival of the Flood . with special events in all coastal towns, the biggest up in Limassol and Paphos with Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras catching up really quick these days . The parties will start on Friday 17th . So if you want a good water fight, they are just about everywhere … go get wet !

Rumour has it Cage Rage will be back this year but I’m sworn to secrecy … This event attracts all the workers as one big family, it really is awesome atmosphere! … The Castle Club opens all 5 Arenas showing why it’s one of the top clubs in the world … Likewise Guba Beach Club up in Limassol … Makenzie Beach in Larnaca is leading the way these days, just check out their bars and cafe’s come clubs right on the Beach … Limassol the Capital on the coast and Touch Club up in Paphos as usual got the right touch . Ayia Napa and Protaras still host more than half our visitors mainly because Napa is still one of Europe’s Clubbing Capitals …

For the rockers amongst us you must check out Savino Live, Larnaca or Heaven Rock Garden in Napa . on that note, if you’re into herbs and fairies, or cream teas and mazes go to the award winning CyHerbia Organic Herb Gardens in Avgorou and finally if you’re into Diving go dive the Zenobia Wreck and explore one of the top ten wreck dives in the world …

Quick idea if you wanna get out of the sun, I love the new Escape Rooms opening up all over Cyprus . great idea to pass away an hour or two …

There’s shopping in abundance and some classy choices for an alternative souvenirs . my fav idea has to be a tattoo . it’s a permanent reminder of your stay on this wonderful rock, we call ‘Paradise’ . oh, make sure you’re sober when you get a tatt, and that you choose a tattooist that won’t give you ink if you’re not 😉

Is that versatile enough for you ? … I’ll keep my eye on last minute announcements and naturally watch this space or hit our fb page for more …

One last big shout goes out to the Flyboarding Cyprus team who have helped set up several training sites to teach you how to fly like Iron Man and dive like a Dolphin … I’ve done it and all I can say is just do it !

For a full list of Cultural Events and Exhibitions go the the Cyprus Tourist Organisation’s web site www.visitcyprus.com

I just have to say, that re-launching What’s On Cyprus as an App has just been awesome . I’m loving getting my finger back on the pulse . it’s been my dream, to incorporate a few of my passions into one, my love of Cyprus, my extreme passion for photography, and my infatuation of creative writing . tbh, I’m loving life at the mo . I suppose it’s partly down to my recently acquired philosophy, whilst I was in Oz, and as the great Jack Nicholson once said “the less I give a fk … the happier I am” !

So all that’s left to say is, if it’s your first time here, why? … If you’ve been here before, welcome back! and we all know, after you keep coming back, eventually, you’ll probably move here … anyway, you’re all very welcome …

and last but not least, step up the uv factor, drink loads of water and make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before!
Tony Dynamou

Photograph by Tony Dynamou
Flaming Lamborghini by Mixologist, Demitris
Sirena Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant, Pernera

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