June 2021

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Summer’s Here
It’s June, my favourite month, mostly because summer is well and truly here with temperatures hitting over 35°C with those longer days as by mid June sunrise is about 5.30 am it’ll still be light at 8.30 pm and I’m loving it!.  The sea is now officially warm enough for the locals to get in and the quilt’s already cleaned and packed away ’til November, so we’re just sleeping under a sheet for the next few months, oh, and as we come to the end of strawberry season, in comes the pipless watermelons, served chilled with a slice of fresh Halloumi for breakfast, Mmm, we’re so spoilt here in paradise!

Things are starting to happen, with more of the hospitality industry trying to offer the few tourists here somewhere to go … but I think I’m gonna be saying a few if’s, maybe’s and and hopefully’s this month and, if I can give you just one worthwhile tip, “it’s summer, so make sure you drink lots more water!

I think our experts in Epidemiology have calculated when things would get back to normal’ish … and we’re relaxing restrictions in travel, no more SMS messages to go out, no more curfew, we can swim in the sea and top up the tan after, without a mask on.  You can dine inside as well as outside and more bars, cafes and restaurants are opening.  So too theatres, parks and zoos and it seems people are getting together with up to 20 friends at home, so my birthday party is looking promising for the end of July.  Please pop out and give these guys some support, they need it most now!!!

Normally by now most of our clubs would have been smashing it … The 100 Day Club War, normally starts around mid-June but we’re still waiting for confirmation that they’ll open by 10th June and i would imagine a few will wait ’til 1st July, so this year it might be the 60 Day club war again lol … Napa, once the Club Capital of Europe, is still hard to beat, with 8 top clubs giving you a broad mix of genres. Follow our facebook page for updates.

Napa’s top club Castle Club is usually in full swing by now, with up to 5 Rooms, giving you a choice of party sounds, R’n’B as much as you like, classic house to hard house and an al’fresco VIP lounge under the stars, with the retractable roof right back.  Club Ice as always have lots planned with Foam Parties and UV Paint Parties and top DJ’s flying in from everywhere  Black ‘n’ White, would be well into their 37th year, booking some massive names as always, and its still the place to be if you like it Urban and of course not to mention Carwash, if you like it cheesy, trust me you’ll leave singing all the way home … unless your off to Club Aqua, the Afterparty!

Beach & Pool?
We might even see a few Beach Parties and Pool Parties this month with Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party still leading the way and rumour has it might open soon … Kandi Fest is getting bigger every year out at Makronissos … while up in Limassol, Sunset Tribes still hoping to get a gig or two down at Governors Beach … Naturally, Guaba, in Limassol, one of Europe’s top clubs is right on the beach and waiting to smash it in their own unique way every weekend!

Music Festivals
Most live music festival organisers are waiting for restrictions to be lifted a bit more so that they can accommodate a few thousand people to cover the cost of bringing a band over.  The Brexit thing causing a few extra expenses for our entertainers … but I hear there’s a few more intimate events planned …

Live Gigs
Kendall Events boasts The Rag ‘n’ Bone Man & Pink Tributes by Leo Romero and Krissy on 25th & 26th June … I’ve been in regular contact with the gorgeous Drew at Savino Live in Larnaca hoping to rock your weekends and Bank Holidays … Morelli Events has some awesome gigs set this month with Abba Alike, The Ed Sheeran Experience and The Rat Pack planned to play in June … a few more like O’Neill’s Irish Bar & Grill in Paphos, Koursaros Music Bar in Protaras, Tepee Rock Bar in Limassol all can’t wait to get back to regular live music, rock or not! and it’s sadly not looking like Cyprus Rocks 2021, will happen again this year …

Out & About
June is a great month to get out of town and go for an adventure, coz it’s good to see the real Cyprus. I highly recommend places like The Camel Park, Pafos Zoo, Ocean Aquarium, maybe an open-air market, a secluded beach, the Troodos mountains with Trackers Excursions, or back to nature with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures in Paphos, or the Traditional Cyprus Bus in Paralimni and the awesome George’s Fun Bus in Paphos.

Wedding Bells
We’re still the No: 1 place in Europe to get married, and why not? coz, it’s probably not going to rain ’til October, and that means everyone in the wedding photos will be wearing sunglasses.  Naturally you’ll see a few stag nights and hen parties and as we’re officially the Mythological Party Playground of the Mediterranean, so anything could happen … Check out our Florists, Maria up in Paphos, Arocaria in Napa and Antonis in Paralimni … and if you need a really cool hair stylist, we have more than a few of them too … oh, and some awesome photographers too!

After Paphos’ up on the West coast boasted the Cultural City of Europe a couple of years ago it just seems to be rolling on and spreading throughout Cyprus with many events planned this summer … for more info check out the CTO Events calendar …

Even More …
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Tuff Year!
I know lots of you missed us last year and are hoping to get here this year and if you all make it I’m sure its gonna be business as usual …

If it’s your first time here, all I can ask is, why? … If you’ve been here before, welcome back, and we all know that you’ll keep coming back time and time again, and eventually you’ll probably end up moving here!, anyway, you are all very welcome, and really finally, step up the UV factor, drink loads of water and make sure you do something you’ve never done before!

Na da boumen
Tony Dynamou

Cover photo: Life Underwater, Model: Alex Dynamou

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