A Touch of Italian !

Lobster Pasta

Il Cavalaire Italian Ristorante
The gorgeous Mimi, my able assistant from Paphos was down East for the August bank holiday weekend, it was busy everywhere, so when Mim said Italian, I knew exactly where to go … Nice and close, and one of my favourite Italian Ristorante …

Exemplary Chefs
Il Cavalaire Italian Ristorante swings slightly towards a Mediterranean style, but it’s one of the best Italian eateries I’ve ever found … Mostly down to the eminent Sotiris, from Nicosia, who presents the place with impeccably laid tables and a minimalist Italian come Mediterranean decor with spacious, comfy seating … more so, he creates the menu from years of experience, choosing only the finest produce, but more still, he makes sure everything is cooked fresh and to absolute perfection …

Choosing my fav table near the bar, we decided to share a starter, crispy mushrooms in breadcrumbs, stuffed with Feta cheese … hmm we wished we’d ordered two !

Time to Eat
For main course I asked Sotiris to choose for me, Lobster Pasta, omg ! Perfect, is the only way I can describe it !!! … Mimi chose the Seafood Pasta, and gave me a little taster or two, or three, and I have to say, it was on the same level, almost … With attentive service, extra freshly grated Mozzarella and plenty of freshly ground black pepper we were both in Rome !

It was nice to catch up with Sotiris, full of charm and good conversation, but he’s such a exemplary chef I wish he’d stay in the kitchen 😉

Now, I always have to leave a little room for afters, as I’ve often watched Sotiris as he makes all their desserts, including I think about 17 flavours of delicious Italian style ice cream … much as I’m always tempted, I just have to go for the Tiramisu, blended by hand by Sotiris, to perfection and dusted with cinnamon, just how I like it … Really, it’s mind blowing … oh and always accompanied with an Italian Cappuccino, worth popping in for any afternoon …

I can highly recommend this eaterie, not just for the awesome cuisine, which is distinguished, gourmet, Mediterranean, with an Italian Influence, or just as good, the
traditional Cypriot specialities, as commendable as the traditional Cypriot hospitality from the amazing Sotirs and the crew …

Mmmm Mama Mia Magnifico !

Open long summer season
Daily 11 am ’til 11 pm …

You’ll find them just off the strip in the centre of Pernera, it’s about 20 mins walk along the coast from Protaras …

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