March 2017 . Spring is in the Air …

March 2017 ... Spring is in the Air !

It’s March, my favourite month !
mainly coz it’s spring, you know like a really good British summer 😉 … I just love this time of the year, it’s green everywhere, all the flowers are out, all the orange trees are blossoming, the mixtures of aromas are just delectable, there’s fresh wild asparagus in season, and strawberries, ohh, the days are getting longer and warmer … I’ve started off the tan and I can almost spread my butter in the morning … ho hum, here comes summer !!!

It’s exciting, driving around, I’m seeing all the renovations well underway, places being knocked down and rebuilt, more rooms, extra floors, new fascia, new lights, new bars and a few changing hands, maybe even one or two new beach bars and clubs … things are looking good !

OMG !!!
btw, I’m really excited because we should be launching Volume III of our free APP in March . you’re gonna love it …

Starting the Season Early ?
With all these carnivals, festivals and parties happening, there’s an evident sign that many places are opening early this season to welcome the ever increasing visitors promised by many tour operators, of course adding to the locals who are still in off season party mode . this is gonna be a great month …

Best Years Ever !
Looks like the evident increase of the British, Scandi, French, Italian, Lebanese, Israelie,
German, Russian and the rest of European markets will continue with an upward trend and I hear commercial flights into Cyprus are increasing and getting more economical . I think the momentum should just keep going and it’s gonna be one of the best years ever !

Cyprus Marathon
Sunday 5th March The Cyprus Marathon and Half Marathon take place in Paphos … go and give these awesome runners your support … for more info check out their facebook page … Oh, and look out, there’s several after parties arranged around Cyprus for the runners, ha ha, but more the non runners … hic !

Top Names
It’s about now we’ll start hearing of top names being booked for this season and if the rumours I’m getting are true, Ayia Napa will be heading back to re-claim its title of Club Capital of Europe this season … Napa’s Castle Club, Black ‘N’ White, Club Ice, leading the way, Club Aqua and River Reggae providing the after parties and Carwash Disco still the best night out and then there’s Club Deep in Larnaca, Guaba Beach Bar in Limassol, Zoo Club in Nicosia, Touch Club in Paphos, all smashing it these days, so get in your car and go check them out …

Soul and Fire
I’m looking forward to the Soul in the Sun party on 4th March … Savino Live are doing their usual every weekend live gigs exclusively boasting Firewind on their World Tour on 11th March …

The Network
Our What’s On Cyprus facebook page has gone nuts … Everyone’s talking abut us with weekly post engagement of over 20,000 people liking and sharing or commenting, just take a look at the support we are giving our members and recommendations … oh might as well download the free App and follow us on twitter and Instagram and please tag and share if you dare … almost forgot check out our YouTube Chanel too … 6 of the worlds top social media Apps all linked together … It’s Everything you need to know and … More !

Best in Europe
oh yes, awesome news, we’re now officially boasting the best beaches in Europe, I was saying it years ago as one Advisor never included us … now we have 25 top beaches in Europe, a couple the best in the world, coz you really can’t beat our seas …

More Cultural
Paphos is The Cultural Capital of Europe 2017, so there’s loads going on up the West coast … btw, you can enjoy it in over 330 days sunshine a year because we also have the best climate in the world and we’re the safest place in world, that’s why we all live here, and well, we’ve got good reason to love it, they’ve been partying here since the gods invented party some 12,600 years ago .

Finally …
if it’s your first time here, why? and if you’ve been here before, welcome back !, one day you’ll probably end up moving here … oh, and if i can give you one tip . make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before !
Na da Boumen !
Tony Dynamou

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