CyproNatura, Ayia Napa

CyproNatura, Ayia Napa, Established 2014

Getting into the natural food thing isn’t as hard as you think ! Replacing things like
crisps and biscuits, with really fresh nuts and totally fresh, dried, and sugarless fruits
is easy, tbh, knowing you’re not putting rubbish inside you is a fulfilling emotion and
actually I discovered ages ago the tastes are just awesome !

I’ve known George and Flora for years, dedicated is an understatement, passionate is
evident in the combined knowledge of their stock and the trend towards natural product. So, whenever I’m anywhere near the traffic lights on the end of Nissi Avenue I can’t help
popping in and scooping up a mix of their delights. It makes sense because they buy in
bulk so they can keep their prices low and realistic !!!

Really Fresh
It’s a little natural food haven, full of guaranteed fresh dried fruits and really fresh
nuts, and trust me you can taste the difference and a little walk there will enlighten you
on just how you can change your lifestyle so easily, as George, Flora and the crew speak
several languages and are only to happy to guide you through every single product in their
shop with most available to taste before you buy !

Coffee & Spices
As Cyprus catches up with the rest of the world in drinking real coffee, here you’ll find a
specially selected choice of coffees from Greece and Cyprus, and on that note, Herbal
Teas, and for the cooks amongst us loads of Herbs and Spices, from Cyprus and Greece and natural Essences, by Messinian Spa all totally natural from England, and you’ll also find traditional sugarless Sweets like their spectacular Sujouko !

I did say it was a haven, so add a selection of natural, not organic, hair and beauty
products, bath salts, Himalayan of course, and some really nice gifts and souvenirs,
Scented candles, and delicious honeys, and in the Cava a selection of Greek and Cypriot
wines and arguably the oldest wine in the world, Commandaria and the local firewater Zivania … so there’s something for everyone, from those with a sweet tooth and plenty for those that prefer something a little sharper, or even sour … Hmmm !

Piece de’ Resistance !
The family produce ‘CyproNatura’ their own labeled virgin olive oil, from olives grown on their orchard of 800 olive trees just down the road in Avgorou. But, I have to say it’s just the best I’ve tasted. When I asked George how they get it that good, he said because their olives create virgin oil that has a below 0.3 Oxyde rating, making it amongst the finest Virgin Olive Oils in the world and a must try, I’ve always got a bottle in my kitchen !

Foreign Exchange
After continual requests to change money for visitors George decided to open an official
money exchange services and promises to give you the best rates on the island !!!

Open long summer season
March to November
Daily … 9.15 am ’til 11.30 pm

You’ll find them at 29, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Ayia Napa. It’s near the main traffic
lights at the end of Nissi Avenue and next to one of Cyprus’ finest opticians, Akis and Maria

A little natural haven !

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Open long summer season
March to November
Daily ... 9.15 am 'til 11.30 pm

You'll find them at 2, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Ayia Napa. It's near the main traffic lights at the end of Nissi Avenue and next to one of Cyprus' finest opticians, Akis Xenophotos.

Tel: 0035723725458