Kat’s Prints & Crafts, Xylophagou

Kat's Prints & Crafts, Xylophagou, Established 2016

I love meeting people passionate about their art … Kat is a lady of my heart, not only a graphic designer by hand, but Kat also studied typography, learning to use thousands of typefaces aka fonts, to create powerful design for print and like any typographer she even designed her own font.  When Kat told me, ”I love crafting, I find it very relaxing” I knew I’d found someone special …

Experience Gained
A local girl, creative subjects were her favourite at school, especially Graphic Design, so she decided to leave the desire to work with animals for her passion to create.  Studying for a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Communication at The University of Nicosia, her first real job was at local printers ‘Angglogalos’ where she learnt more about Graphic Design and the print application after her design, for Lithography e.g four colour printing.

The idea to start her own business came via Facebook, creating for friends and family, then as fate would have it Kat found three Decoupage Craft printing machines that print onto Wood, Glass, Slate, Ceramics, Cups, Textiles, Key Rings, Fridge Magnets, Pillows and Cushions and loads more, then Kat made a small investment into a Lazer Cutter and some crafting tools … and now she immerses herself into her work, with a passion …

Unusual Gifts
Her art is ‘Crafting’, and her favourite thing is to create unusual gifts, for birthday presents, weddings, engagements, the birth of a child, an anniversary, valentines, sports presentations, awards for conferences, or something different for your Dad coz he’s so hard to buy for you know he’ll appreciate the thought !!! Oh and unique invitations or Christmas cards is a well cool idea …

Backgammon Sets
One of her ideas and it seems a very popular one is to decorate Tavli Boxes aka Backgammon sets, using a mix of paints and prints, colours and fonts to create something totally unique.  She said ”I think absolutely everything I make is a one off, never completely the same” … she continued, ”in fact you can decorate almost anything, from flower pots to a chest of drawers, desk tidies to coat hangers and bedside cabinets to wardrobes.  And she has the ability to restore old tables or make new ones look distressed, which is an amazing art in itself …

Kat works closely with local shops, offices and hotels as decoration is her business !  Kat is happy to receive inquiries to decorate for conferences or special events, wedding receptions, birthday parties and well, you just have to give her your ideas and she can probably make it look perfect !

Kids Craft Group
Kat has also started a Kids Craft Group where your kids can all meet and be taught the art of crafting, decoupage and typography which are all arts that provide immense creative satisfaction when they blend them together to complete a project.

Open all year
Summer; 10 am ’til 1 pm  &  4 pm ’til 7 pm
Winter;  10.30 am ’til 1 pm  &  3.30 pm ’til 6.30 pm
Wednesday & Saturday; Closing at 1.30 pm

You’ll find Kat’s Prints and Crafts at Eleftheria’s, it’s the old Surprise Shop in the traditional village of Xylophagou, it’s just before the roundabout and near Friends Cafe, pretty much mid way between Ayia Napa and Larnaca or about 15 minutes by car either way, see our map below.

A world of art and craft at her finger tips

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