Who says Business & Pleasure doesn’t mix ?

Scrooge McDuck Management Seminar, Salone Yacht, Old Port, Limassol Marina

Worldwide Conferences
I was chatting to the wonderful Olga from The Russian Cyprian Information Centre today, she had called me to invite me to speak at this wonderful Mini Cruise come B2B Seminar, aboard the stunning Catamaran ‘Salone’, moored at Limassol Marina.  I’m going!, and I look forward to meeting you!

Wine & Dine
We’ll be boarding at 3.30 pm, on Thursday 5th July 2018, taking a mini cruise along the coast of Limassol into the sunset and beyond.  They’ll offer you the opportunity to wine and dine, socialise and mix with like minded people who all want to do business and save money whilst living abroad!

World of Finance
They have invited representatives from banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds, foreign exchanges, airlines, payment service providers, Forex-companies, financial consultants, mobile operators, gold and exchange traders and financial media.  So it’s your chance to take on some advice straight from the experts.

Prep is best
This social-informative seminar starts two weeks before the cruise, as they have created an exclusive closed group page, so you’ll have the opportunity to chat with all the participants of the event, speakers, guests and attendees via their closed Telegraph group for the two weeks prior to the actual event.

Saving Money
It’s a unique opportunity to socialise, wine and dine on board this stunning vessel, whilst cruising the waves and at the same time gaining a little knowledge on how to make the best of your money whilst living and running your business abroad.

It’s a Saving Money in Business Seminar while enjoying a mini cruise aboard the luxury Catamaran ‘Salone’, from New Port Limassol, including all gourmet food, drinks, interpretation services and knowledge …

Early Birds 
€ 49 available until the 18th of June
I definitely need it
€ 79 available until 26th of June
I love to jump into last carriage
€ 99 available until 1st July

Early Birds
If you have any questions or you want to submit an application to join the Mini Cruise and B2B Seminar, please contact them as soon as possible as the Early Bird Tickets start you saving money right now … It’ll be worth every penny an I have a really good feeling about this event!

Telephone Numbers
English and French:  Tel: +35796294903
German and Greek:  Tel: +35795588822
Russian:  Tel:  +79991708173
Russian:  Tel: +79608085082

WhatsApp and Viber are available on all the above telephone numbers.

Tiered Payment
And in keeping with their theme of saving money whilst abroad they have a tiered payment package, so you can start saving your money straight away …

The Saving Money in Business Cruise is organised by Worldwide Conferences …

Eat, drink and learn whilst cruising the waves in luxury !

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