They Jazzed it all up in Paradise

19th Paradise Jazz Festival, Pomos, Established 1999

We’ll be in Paradise !
Saturday 18th, day two of the 19th Paradise Jazz Festival and Socrates had told me what to expect … three gigs, some of the worlds top musicians, thrown together, culminating in a jam session that’ll be fun … they’re gonna jazz it all up, adding musicians as they go ?

Its a Family
I arrived just as the Sun set, Socrates was being interviewed, several tents already set up on the camping slope, and the stage was ready, shady areas covered in tarpaulin and blossom and seats set in rows for a change making the play area busier … a few sound checks, early birds arriving for the best seats and as it got darker, Socrates clicked the lights on, then the sound of sax warmed our souls, there was a good number in the crowd, much as it’s more of a family reunion, returning for the annual event, many times, and everyone as always loving the vibe!

Next Year
This awesome event will celebrate 20 years in 2019, and I remember when Socrates started it, ’99 the same year we launched What’s On Magazine and who’d have imagined that creating such an event, so far from anywhere, almost two decades later, it would be one of Cyprus’ most successful annual events … I for one, like many others there on Saturday, will be back to celebrate 20 years with Socrates, George, the guests and the musicians and the whole behind the scenes team … here’s looking forward to next year!

Thanks for the invite Socrates … Here’s a few photos and YouTube videos just in case you missed it … and if you want to see the original article click here.

Jazz will live in our hearts for ever !

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