Dire Straits by Money for Nothing, Paralimni Amphitheatre 4.09.18

Dire Straits by Money for Nothing, Europe's Numbe One Tribute Band

Tuesday 4th September 2018 …
Paralimni Amphitheatre

I am so excited about this live music event arranged by my good friend Karen at Kendall Events … Part of a Mini Tour, finally, we are seeing Live Music Events on a regular basis up on the East Coast … This one in particular I think will be absolutely awesome!  I’ve been chatting to Karen about this internationally renowned group ‘Money for Nothing’ who are regarded as Europe’s number one tribute band to the legendary Dire Straits …

For Ever
I don’t know about you but I’ve loved Dire Straits for ever, their music always on my playlist and ‘Tunnel of Love’ one of my favourite ever tracks, I’m looking forward to hearing that one and many more.

I’ve listened to a few cover tracks by this tribute band ‘Money for Nothing’ on YouTube and they sound well cool … The Amphitheatre is an excellent choice for a band this big, and it’s outdoors and its all about the music and you’ve probably guessed, I’m so looking forward to this event!

Paralimni Amphitheatre is on Acropoleous Street, it’s part of the Town Hall or Municipality Offices, Just behind the Square, Senso Cafe and Play Area, turning opposite St George Church with Ample parking available, oh, a quick tip you can take food or drink if you want!

Mini Tour
Part of a mini tour organised by Kendall Events, Money for Nothing will be taking on the Amphitheatres at Pissouri, Tala, and Paralimni, when in Cyprus? … so lets give Karen some support up on the East Coast and this could become a regular thing!

Gates open: 6.30 pm
Show starts: 8 pm

Adults: Only €18
Children under 12 Free
available from …
Celebrations Cards & Gifts, Kapparis
Daxi Information Office, Pernera
Online: www.kendallevents.com (no handling fee)

Europe’s No: 1 Tribute to the Legends, Dire Straits!

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