Johhny Mack is George Michael, Kama LifeStyle, Pernera

Johnny Mack is George Micheal @ Kama LifeStyle, Pernera

Johnny Mack was on his second mini tour of Cyprus, this time on the East Coast, to give us his tribute to George Michael … I’d been talking about this tour with the event’s organiser Derek Lainsbury of Stars in Their Eyes Entertainment for some time and was really looking forward to it … The sound system was having problems but it didn’t take away any of the atmosphere and it was good enough to tell this guy can really do George Michael right down to the tee shirt 😉

Back Home
A fellow Londoner, 40 some’fin John is now living in Essex, married with two gorgeous kids. I grabbed 5 mins with him to chat at half time … John started doing George Micheal about 18 years ago, convinced by Tony Wade, famed for training the brilliant Sam Smith, Tony suggested John’s voice was very soulful and so life changed.  Since then he’s concentrated more on Soul and Motown, and of course his tribute to George Michael, gigging all over the world including Dubai, Bahrain, and America, oh and Cyprus, twice!  Who’d have thought that he was almost a bank manager lol

Delving a little deeper I asked for a highlight.  John said almost three years ago he was invited to Vegas by MGM to do a celebration to the Life of George Michael, singing 3 of the legend’s songs.  The reception received was awesome and they gave him George’s police tee shirt that he’d worn while making the video for his track Outside John was wearing that same tee shirt for the cover of the same track he’d chosen to open the second part of the show along with his DM’s, we both agreed were the most comfortable shoes in the world.

Mini Inside Out
A really cool dude, I’d loved to get a chance to chat more so I asked John if he was coming back to this wonderful rock and he let me into a little secret, we’ll see him next May, I cant wait, and as this was a mini ‘InsideOut’ interview i asked John 5 things he had to pack in his suitcase; he laughed, Glasses, Music, After Shave, Tooth Brush, hmm socks lol

A bit early
I had to smile when Johnny closed with Last Christmas and then nonchalantly blended into his cover of Faith … brilliant!  it sort of shows his crazy side and then Derek sprung a surprise and asked him to sing Mustang Sally as himself for the finale, by this time the sound system was ok and Johnny was centre stage and the dance floor was full, and everyone was having a good time, après gig was good conversation too 😉

The gorgeous venue, Kama Lifestyle was sold out, my fav hotel manageress Maria as usual in control of the events, everyone sitting for Doros delicious dinner before the show, Johnny’s popularity had obviously spread since his first visit last May and the whole crowd were enjoying entertainment at another level, filling the dance floor and I for one can’t wait to see him preform again.  Thanks for the invite Derek and to Johnny Mack for an awesome tribute to a great legend George Michael …

He did George Michael right down to the tee shirt 😉

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