Stephanos Water Sports, Protaras

Stephanos Watersports, Protaras, Established 1976

Certificate of Excellence
I’d like to say a big congratulations to Alexi, Kyri and the crew of Stephanos Watersports in Protaras for achieving the Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor for the third year running, awarded for their consistent achievement of high ratings from their customers. here’s our article on them …

It’s their second home
Situated at both ends of Protaras bay, which is without argument one of Cyprus’ finest beaches … this family business is now run by two brothers Alexi and Kyri, the eldest two sons of Dimitra and Stephanos.  They’ve been on the beach since they were in nappies, or not as the case may be, things don’t change lol

Over 40 Years
Dad ‘Stephanos’ set up their watersports post back in 1976, passing it down to his sons about 15 years ago when he opened Ghetto Bar … now with over forty years experience, the crew offers a professional and above all safe experience using the very latest equipment.

Jet Skis
There’s nothing quite like feeling the power of one of these Jet Skis as you open the throttle and fly over the waves in Protaras, ha! in the afternoon the sea in Protaras Bay is often flat as a millpond, but then the 360’s glide better and you can go even faster !!! There’s 2 Seater’s and 3 Seater’s including the latest 2017 models of Yamaha FX 1800cc Jet Skis with up to 200 horsepower, omg! they’ll give you a wild ride!

The longest and highest Paragliding in Protaras, which goes out diagonally to an awesome 300 metres! ha! You’ll need Pythagoras theory to work out the height but suffice to say, it’s quiet up there!!  You can fly on your own, go two up, or as a threesome or they can now fly up to 4 together, two adults two kids, check out the Video here … and whatever you do don’t forget your camera!

Speed Boat Hire
A cool selection of family self-drive speed boats are available for hire seating up to 8 people with outboards that will excite and you can even ask them for a driver to take you anywhere you want to go … maybe to see the ghost city of Famagusta or the awesome Blue Lagoon at Cape Greko.

Thrills & Screams
Why not try out one of their crazy inflatables … my favs the exhilarating Fly Fish, or the Crazy UFO, the original thrilling Banana or the Triple Ringos … btw, the Stingray is loads of fun and holds up to 8 people so you can all scream together ! … Did you hear that?

Newest Rides
The Spinner is the latest inflatable in Cyprus …. hmm, it’s just like a fairground Wurlitzer on water, spinning this way, then that way, and back again and then omg you’d better hold tight !!!

Slow it Down
Maybe you’re looking for something a little slower, heart can’t take it? … Try Paddling on the Paddle Boards on afternoon crystal clear seas or maybe relax an hour away on a Pedalo, with or without kiddies slides.

Pro-Safari Adventure
Now, this is a unique combination of high adventure and pure exhilaration, where you can see the natural wealth and beauty of stunning beaches, divided by the rugged Cyprus coastline, gliding on crystal clear seas and then open it up to get that adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for!

Water Skiing & Wake Boarding
There’s also expert tuition available in Water Skiing and Wake Boarding, as most mornings and afternoons on Protaras Bay, the sea is so flat it’s almost like a mirror.  Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun in the cooler sun, or better still learn a new sport!  btw, these two guys are ex-ski champions and Alexi even used to barefoot … just awesome!

Not convinced?
I’ve known these guys since 1987 and to put it in a nutshell, they love what they do with a passion, and tbh, all they want is for you to love it too!  
Just read their amazing reviews on Trip Advisor or check out their YouTube videos here! … oh and tell them Tony from What’s On sent you and you might get a nice surprise!

Open long summer season
March ’til November,
9 am ’til Sunset

You’ll find them on the beach just below Vrissiana Beach Hotel and Sunrise Pearl Hotel, off Protaras Avenue aka Hotels Road … Vrissiana is the boat-shaped hotel, with some off-street parking and finally, you never know you might even see me down there with my camera!

The med is their home and you’re very welcome!

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