Sculpture Park, Ayia Napa

Trojan Horse at The Sculpture Park, Ayia Napa, Created 2016 by Ahmed Saeid from Iran

Cultural Views
Ayia Napa Sculpture Park was opened in 2014 by the creator Kikis Koustantinos and is situated just outside Ayia Napa on the Road to Cape Greko, on the South Eastern side of the Island.

Individual artists from all over the world have come together to present this Cultural open air display of art also known as, A Symposium.  These artists have made great contributions to their field to present this splendid array of art which depict themes that are mainly influenced by Greek Mythology.

Stone Love
The magnificent Sculptures are predominately sculpted from Cypriot Limestone which is found in an area here in Cyprus called Kyvides.  As well as limestone being used at this spectacular park, the artists often incorporate different materials within their sculptures such as, Metal, Ceramic, Brass or Marble.  These works of art stand on an incredibly large site, of about 20,000 square metres, and are staggered in between wild ragged rocks, which also boasts an impressive flora of 1500 Cypriot Trees and other native based plants giving this park a real sense of standing back in time on an archaeological site, all overlooking the wonderful crystal clear blue Mediterranean sea all the way to Cape Greco.

I have admired many sculpted pieces, too many to mention but, the one that has stood out for me is the magnificently sculpted Trojan Horse with intricately crafted ancient soldiers made from brass that ride on the horse’s back and any of you film buffs out there that have seen the movie TROY, will realise exactly what I mean!  My other favourite is the Rocks with little houses and Greek People on, depicting a hillside anywhere in Cyprus, brilliant!

Changing Light
I’ve visited this Mystical Sculpture Park many times and at different hours in the day too.  My favourite time to visit is at sunset, when the light is starting to fade and the shadows start to loom over the sculptures giving an interesting air of eeriness and also early in the morning at sunrise, when you  get a sense of energy bursting out of these pieces of art.

I often take along my dog Teddy so as he can explore too although, on occasions I sometimes think that I have lost him, purely because of the colour of his coat as he blends in with the material of the sculptures and landscape. I think that I shall have to change his name to ‘ORION’, in Greek mythology; it means ‘Mighty Hunter’ because Ted is a Terrier and he’s forever hunting out lizards for his amusement!

This dog friendly site, as long as you scoop the poop, is great if you fancy a dog walk with a difference.  Located every so often are seating areas where you can while away the hours and take in the spectacular Panoramic views … Check out the YouTube Video Here … and take a look at their reviews on Trip Advisor Here …

A must visit
It just leaves me to say that, I highly recommend that you visit this Sculpture Park.  It’s peaceful, interesting and the views are to die for so, why not take along a picnic or just while away the hours amongst the ancient gods, with a glass of wine, as they often did some 12,600 years ago!

Ria Christophis


Open Every Day

You'll find the Sculpture Park on the Cape Greco Road, heading out of Ayia Napa, its at the end of Krio Nerou Road which means Cold Water ...