Carwash Disco was Opening … so?

Carwash Grand Opening Party, 2019

Crazy Pirates
Carwash was ready for it’s Grand Opening Party for 2019, so, naturally, it’d be rude not to go 😉 … outside all Balloons and Colours … New entrance looks cool … a bit too early, laters … So following on from last nights escapades, I thought I’d catch up with my good mate Ian, of Luna Park fame and the crazy crew at Pirates Inn for my drink first, coz I missed them out last night … long time friend DJ Antony aka Psillos, one of Napa’s originals, was on the decks funking it up, as usual … The magnificent MC George Harris on the Mic, smashing it, as usual, and the whole place was in party mode … I love this place, without doubt, one of Napa’s top bars, and boy, do these Pirates know how to parrrrrty …

I’d promised I’d catch up with Alex at the newly refurbished Bronx Bar, looks well cool I thought, crazy drinks offer’s, and behind those big shutters was one of those “What goes on behind closed doors” moments lol … Sworn to secrecy, we left there, quickly stopped by to catch my good friend Kiri at Supersnacks, I know where I’ll be later 😉

The Elements
It was club time, but town was still quite busy, well not bad for mid-April … as we walked around the clubby bit we call ‘The Look’ … Elements looked busy, Black ‘N’ White, queuing up, so to Monkey Business and Hollywoods … and The Castle Bar already pumping … Bedrock was in Silent Disco mode, so a quick stop off at Kaluha, as you do, really just to apologize for my short visit last night 😉

How Long?
It was almost 3 am, time to get Carwash‘ed …  so, me and Ian made our way down the strip, it was a bit early but DJ Trevor Moore, well into his second decade, was going through his playlist like they’d never closed … and as you walk through those swing doors you can’t help but get into the retro mood!!

Crash Bars
Nick, the best barman in town, was looking after the drinks, don’t even have to say JD ‘n Coke here 😉 … The place has had a refit, especially the loos that looked well cool … New crash bars on the bar, to stop you falling into the cocktails and balloons everywhere!  I said to Nick, “how many times you hit your head on that bar so far?”, he held up his hand, all five fingers, I laughed, that won’t be there long lol

Best Night Out
This isn’t the biggest club in Napa, but it’s one of the longest running, 22 Years, it doesn’t compete with any other place, its Napa’s only Retro Disco, it’s a bit Cheesy, but I reckon it’s the ‘best night out in town’, coz once you’ve been all Housed Up, or R’n’B’d ’til you can’t twerk any more, then normally we all finish off in Carwash, as you do, and so we danced and sang our hearts out for a few hours … Geo caught up with us, just in time for the Candy Dance, and we all fell outta there at silly o’clock … Time for munchies …

Napa was well and truly open!!

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