Supermarket Europe, Ayia Napa

Supermarket Europe, Ayia Napa Established 2012 

Supermarket Europe
I’d often wondered why I’d been asked to drop many of my friends off here … It’s like a Tardis, through the doors a one-stop shop for all your needs without having to leave Napa and at really great prices, it’s now one of my local corner shops …

They specialise in importing foods from all over Europe including; the UK, Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and even India and all over Asia.  So, great choices in Asian-style sauces and ingredients and they sell Basmati Rice by the 20 Kg sack for crazy cheap prices!

Naturally all your teas and coffees, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, pasta, a selection of frozen meats, fish and poultry, and even duck.  There’s a delicatessen counter with lovely smoked hams, salami, sausages, fresh eggs, olives, and cheeses …

For the Home
Domestic goods like cups, saucepans and cooking utensils, Tupperware, and an excellent selection of toiletries and even hair colours by Prestige and Colour Aroma.  There’s also a selection of electrical products like plugs, adaptors, light bulbs, party grills, heaters, etc …

Telephone Top Ups  
Covering all Telephone Top Ups including; So Easy, MTN, Vodaphone, Lemontel, etc …

Off Licence
In the Off-Licence section, you’ll find a great range of wines, spirits, beers, ciders and smokes, and all your favourite mixers plus of course those essential nibbles like chocolates, crisps, and munchies, all at really low prices!

Vending Machine
There’s also a coffee vending machine at the front of the shop offering hot drinks such as Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, etc and a few seats to stop and enjoy …

Most credit cards are accepted and if you run out of cash there’s also an ATM available at the front of the shop to save you rushing off to the bank!

Open All Year
Daily: 7.30 am ’til 11 pm
Daily: 7.30 am ’til 10 pm

You’ll find the original Supermarket Europe, at 36, Tefkrou Anthia Street, on the T-Junction with Nikou Kasantzaki Road, Ayia Napa … Just downhill from the turning to Monte Napa Gym … See Map Below

Mini Market Europe, Ayia Napa
16, Gianaki Pappoulli Street, Ayia Napa, it’s up behind Napa Ace … slightly off the beaten track so See Map

A European Chef’s Extravaganza!

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